What is a Bathroom Mirror?

The bathroom mirror, as its name implies, is a mirror placed in the bathroom for people to wash. The bathing mirror is an indispensable part of the bathroom space. The clear and bright mirror can give people a good mood when dressing up. Although the appearance of the bath mirror is almost the same as that of the ordinary mirror, there is a lot of attention to it. It has many types, such as bathroom mirrors with light, oval bathroom mirrors, and framed bathroom mirrors.

What types of bathroom mirrors do you have?

The appearance of the bath mirror varies, such as square, oval, oval, etc., for example, round bathroom mirrors and circle bathroom mirrors. Or as a whole, the mirror edge is polished and the mirror surface is carved, which is delicate and practical, or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, it can be combined with the mirror lamp and the bathroom cabinet to create a unified bathroom space.

In terms of appearance, bath mirrors can be roughly divided into three types:

The first kind: the large bathroom mirror, which is directly attached to the wide wall of the bathroom and can reflect the half body image, is the most widely used;

The second kind is a table mirror (makeup mirror), which can be placed on the wash table or fixed on the wall with a horizontally retractable bracket. This kind of bathroom mirror is generally small and usually used for detailed makeup;

The third kind is an embedded bath mirror, a small embedded wall cabinet directly made by carpenters when decorating the house, and the cut mirror surface is stuck on the cabinet door. It is space-saving and easy to use: when the door is closed, it can be used as a wall mirror, and when the cabinet door is opened, you can place small items such as daily medicine, bath supplies, cosmetics, etc.

In terms of color, it has many types, such as black bathroom mirrors, white bathroom mirrors, and gray bathroom mirrors.

As far as functionality is concerned,

1. Waterproof and rust-proof bathroom mirror

If the ordinary mirror is placed in a damp place for a long time, it will become dim and even rust and fall off. Therefore, you should pay attention to the waterproof and rust-proof function of the mirror. Usually, you can watch the person in the mirror closely to see whether it is floating, move your eyes up and down or left and right to see whether the object is bent or deformed, and then you can know whether it is good bad.

2. Anti-fog bathroom mirror

A lot of fog will appear after the bath in the bathroom, which will cause the mirror surface to become blurred. The customized antifogging film is generally used in the market, a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after being powered. Paste it on the back of the bath mirror before use, as flat as possible, to facilitate use.

3、bathroom mirror with storage

The bathroom is generally a small space, and other subsidy functions should also be considered when considering the beauty. The mirror with a little storage function can compensate for the lack of bathroom space. For example, a bathroom mirror with a cabinet, a bathroom mirror with a shelf, and a Lowes bathroom mirror are very good choices. You can consider this function for a small bathroom. It is the home depot bathroom mirror.

What’s the function of a bathroom mirror?

The water vapor brought out when a bath in the bathroom always covers the mirror with a layer of mist, making the mirror ineffective. Therefore, high-quality modern bathroom mirrors generally have the functions of anti-fog and waterproof, and the light refraction is strong.

1. Antifogging

According to the anti-fog principle, bathroom mirrors can be divided into coated anti-fog mirrors and electrothermal anti-fog mirrors.

Coated anti-fog mirror prevents the formation of a fog layer through coating micropores, which is safer but more expensive.

The electric antifogging mirror heats the mirror surface through an electric heating wire or an electric heating film to achieve the effect of antifogging. The electric antifogging is more primitive, with a heavyweight power supply and space on the reverse side of the mirror, but it is cheaper. You can select the led bathroom mirror.

2. Waterproof

When choosing a bath mirror, you should not only choose an anti-fog bath mirror but also

pay special attention to the water resistance of the mirror. General waterproof bath mirrors are coated with special waterproof materials on the back. Installing this kind of bath mirror in the bathroom will effectively avoid mildew, cracking, or even the whole mirror falling off in the gap on the back of the bath mirror (the falling off of the bath mirror is bound to cause considerable potential safety hazards, which you should treat with caution). The high-quality electric anti-fog mirror should be a combination of anti-fog, waterproof, and safety. Even if it is immersed in water, there is no leakage. When buying, the homeowner must pay attention to its waterproof safety. It is better to check whether it is waterproof before buying. Don’t just try to be cheap or look good, but by the bathroom mirror with poor quality and insecurity by mistake.

3. Rust prevention

For the anti-fog bathroom mirror, chemical anti-fog agent coating is generally used, and the effect is limited by aging. Mirror anti-fog

Like the defogging of automobile glass, it needs wind blowing. The real anti-fog mirror is equipped with a heating device behind it so that the mirror can be heated to evaporate water vapor. If it is an ordinary mirror, use a hard soap dipped in water to wipe the mirror’s surface once, and then use a dry rag to clean it to form a protective film, which can also play a role in temporary fog prevention.

If you want to shine beautifully, you must have good lighting coordination. The front lamp or the side lamp of the mirror is very necessary.

During installation, you can use expansion bolts. When drilling, pay attention to the variety of tiles. If it is all ceramic, use a water drill to drill bit by bit. Otherwise, it is very easy to crack. If glass glue is used for fixing, you should not use acid glass glue but neutral glue. Acid glass glue will usually react with the material on the back of the mirror, causing a mottled mirror surface. Before applying the glue, it is better to do a compatibility test to see whether the glue is compatible with the material. It is best to use special mirror glue.

In the bathroom, you usually stand and look in the mirror. The lower edge of the mirror in the bathroom should be at least 135 cm from the ground. If the height difference between family members is large, you can adjust it up and down again. Try to place the face in the middle of the mirror so that the imaging effect is better. The best choice is the borderless style because the bathroom is often damp, and the wooden, leather and other border materials easily change after prolonged use.

How to choose a bathroom mirror?

1、 Look at the appearance of the mirror in the bathroom

When purchasing a bathroom mirror tv, you should observe the mirror from the front, side, back, and other angles. Good mirror surfaces shall be free of bubbles, sundries, crush points, incomplete glass, discoloration, yellow spots, cloud blemishes, black spots, black edges, etc.

2、 Look at the mirror imaging effect

The imaging effect of the mirror is better. Generally, the image of a 5mm thick mirror shall not be deformed or skewed within 2m, and the straight lines shall not change. When looking at the mirror, pay attention to the far and far linear objects in the mirror. You can move the lower line of sight slightly. The mirror’s image is good if the linear objects are not bent or deformed.

3、 Manufacturing process of looking at the mirror

As far as the bathroom mirror is concerned, a layer of copper should be coated on the silver film to protect silver ions from reacting with the moisture in the air and causing black edges and spots on the lens.

The film, a layer of primer, and finish paint are laid on the copper film to strengthen protection and prolong the service life of the mirror. And you shall not crack the closure of the mirror at all.

4、 Thickness of cantilever mirror

The price of mirrors varies according to their thickness. Generally, thick mirrors are more expensive. Many people choose a thinner mirror to save money. It is necessary to know that the mirror is too thin and easy to break, but the gain is not worth the loss. It is recommended to choose an 8mm thick mirror.

5、 Choose a mirror style

The bathroom mirror’s style and shape should also consider the bathroom’s overall style and be consistent with the overall style. For example, some round bathroom mirrors are suitable.

In European style, the square bathroom mirror suits the Chinese style.

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