What Exactly Is Online Marketing CTR Manipulation

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In online marketing, CTR stands for “click through rate” which is the number of times a link was clicked divided by the total visitors. In simple terms, CTR could be seen aa a measure of how tempting or engaging something is.
Some SEO professionals employ CTR manipulation techniques to improve their ranking on webpages and scale their digital marketing efforts.

There are many types of CTR manipulation processes that are available either on the market or can be done at base. One of the most popular ways of boosting CTRs is by using “micro workers”, which are people who create will create false searches, then click on website then engage with it.

Another way is use digital methods such as automated bots that will artificially visit a website then give the impression that a real person has engaged with that webpage.

Finally using an array of mobile phones with different Ip addresses, can give the impression of independent visitors taking an interest in that website.

The idea being that Google will see real traffic and rewards the website owner with better rankings.
But is it as easy as this, does CTR manipulation really work? Learn More About CTR Manipulation Here

Most SEO’s Have A Positive Belief in CTR Stats

Most SEO strategists do believe it will work, but only to a certain level but It is not the critical power creator that rockets a website up Google’s rankings. Most believe you should only start any CTR strategies when all other content and link building strategies have been fully exhausted.
In better words it may make the difference between being position 3 and position 1, but it will not get you to position 3 in the first place.

There are pitfalls using each strategy, take using micro workers. Where the click occurs for example in the USA, Britain, or the Philippines, will reflect on the ranking in that nation. Being popular in the Philippines does not guarantee rankings in the USA.

The CTR manipulation strategy has also got to be believable. If a webpage is position 44 on the fifth page, it is unlikely that Google will believe that webpage for a particular search term it is getting more click than a position 4 result on the first page. These false visits need to build up as rankings rise, to appear natural.

Also, the time of day, and what happens after the click all must be considered. Having all the clicks in one hour of the day, just does not look natural, they need to be spread over a certain time period. The type of equipment used for the click, such as android mobile devices, apple mobile and desktop, should be varied to look natural. Do not forget to use different types of browsers, not all searches are done on Google chrome, there is also Opera, Firefox and Microsoft edge to consider.

Managing Micro workers is also a challenge. Most of the time, they are unaware of why they are doing what they are doing. Laos fully unaware of the consequences of not doings things right. This can be a nightmare for the search strategist, trying to manage a lot of campaigns.
Focusing on one exact search term, also looks false, there needs to be some variation, at the same time sticking to the same theme, that matches the specific webpage.
Not all links can be measured for CTR, places like Facebook do not allow Google to full access of every page, many are behind a log in password.

Whether Click Through Rate manipulation is worth the effort comes down to the benefits from having slightly better rankings. For many, it just is not worth the effort, but for a few extra ranking places can make a big difference in profits, then for some it could be well worth the investment in time and money.

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