What Better Software Than The EHS for Safety Purposes?

An EHS management software is a technology software that manages hazardous substance inventory and material safety data sheets (MSDS) for companies. EHS Management Software are the core of a company’s Environmental Health & Safety department, helping you manage your hazardous substance inventory and MSDS in an integrated web-based platform that reduces time spent on administrative tasks and increases efficiency.

How Does EHS Function?

EHS Management Software provides real-time data on hazardous materials within your company. Using this information, you can quickly and accurately respond to safety incidents, accidents or requests for records from government agencies. As an online EHS system, it integrates with your existing website and allows employees to access required safety information through a web browser by simply logging in using their employee ID number

Unique features of the software system include:

  Access to Employees: When integrated into a company’s web site, employees will be able to interact directly with the EHS management software using simple point-and-click procedures. Employee interaction is secured via strong authentication technology. This makes it easy for employees to find and review safety data sheets in a controlled manner without compromising security, privacy or confidentiality.

 Integration: As an EHS management software solution, this service is fully integrated with your existing web site, making it easy for employees to find and review safety information. Employees can quickly search for MSDS information using searchable by name or SARA (Toxic Substances Control Act) number to determine if a material has been assigned a “SARA Title” code that designates its compliance status as either: (a) reportable, (b) exempt from reporting or (c) has no current SARA Title.  

Tracking: This EHS system allows you keep track of your hazardous material inventory within a company’s website. Managers can precisely track where all hazardous substances are located with an integrated chemical inventory management feature. Using scan-and-go mobile barcode technology, employees can quickly conduct inventory as they locate assets in the field. 

Use by employees.

Scan-and-Go Mobile Technology – This system uses mobile barcode technology to capture the location of hazardous material in the workplace. Scanning workers’ ID badges activates this mobile inventory tool. By using scan-and-go tools, technicians can quickly and accurately take an electronic chemical inventory from a transport vehicle or storage shed as they are replenishing supplies. The data generated by this EHS tool provides you with accurate information necessary to meet government reporting requirements through easy access to inventories and records on your company’s website:

• Employee identity is confirmed with biometric verification for strong authentication of employee identification prior to accessing sensitive container placards with SARA Title designations.

• Inventory checklists automatically populate MSDS details for each job site visit when using scanned materials in the workplace.

• Notifications are sent to supervisors when hazardous materials are being removed from a storage area or transported in the company vehicle. This allows supervisors to verify that the proper paperwork and SARA Title Code documentation can be provided upon government request.

• Electronic inventory reports are automatically generated for management review by simply clicking on links directly from your website.  

The EHS software is a must have if your company deals with hazardous materials. The system is fully integrated to your systems, the details can be tracked easily and your employees can access the data through authorization procedures.



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