What are the Different Types of Product Photography

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There are many types of product photography – something to fit each purpose or style. Here are the more common kinds of product shots that a product photographer will do, and how they differ from each other. 

  1. The Individual Shot

In this photo type, there is a single subject. It is used extensively in banners and catalogs to give a specific subject the showcase. This keeps the shot simple and narrows the focus. It is a great way to display a single product from a larger line. 

  1. The Group Photo

In group shots, there are multiple subjects or products. This can showcase an entire product line in a single shot, and it is a great way to advertise a product and create a social media post that encapsulates the line in one image. 

  1. Lifestyle Photos

These types of photos show your product in an actual environment, creating a sense of action or realism rather than displaying the product in the abstract, says Weebly. With this particular shot type, you can take the opportunity to tell a story. These can complement other, more focused shots and create stimulating, thought-provoking ads meant to convey how the product is designed to be used. 

  1. Shot to Scale

Online shopping has the distinct drawback of making it difficult for customers to tell how large or small an object is. Even if the product description gives the dimensions, it can be challenging for customers to put those numbers into context. That is what a scale shot does, giving context to the customer so that they have a better idea of what they are getting. This visualizes the product for the customer in a way that shows its true size and its relation to other objects. 

  1. Detailed Shots

If you want to show all the fine details of a product, then you will need to shoot a close up. This is a great way to show off the intricacies of fine jewelry or other objects that aren’t very big. You will need to pay close attention to the lighting and camera settings for this type of photo to capture those details perfectly. 

  1. Packaging Photos

Customers often want to see how an item is packaged, and that is what this kind of shot is for. It helps to establish realistic expectations and keeps the customer experience consistent. The packaging shot is all about presentation and giving customers peace of mind about how their product will be protected and shipped. These type of shots will most likely take place in a specialist product photography studio.

You can use this shot to help customers know what to expect and to display your company’s branding. The packaging shot can be helpful whether it displays a bag, a box, or even a label. 

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