What are the Best Wind Wings For Sale?

best wind wings for sale
Img Source - Ozonekites

If you love watersports, then you need to get yourself a Wind Wings! A wind wing, also known as a wingsurfer, takes water fun to a whole new level. Wingsurfing takes aspects of windsurfing and surf foiling and combines them into a new sport. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an experienced water surfer, it is important to find the best wind wings that suit your needs.

The windsurfer is a minimalistic approach to foiling, and reduces the amount of kit needed, and gives you the best response over your foil.

At Unity Watersports, they have top quality Wind Wings tested in extreme weather for safety and maximum fun. They have Wind Wings for everyone, ranging from novice surfers to experts. You will certainly find the best windsurfers at a reasonable price. With this in mind, here are the top-selling Wind Wings…

1. Ozone Wasp V1

The Ozone Wasp VI is easy to handle and fly. It comes in different sizes to suit different needs. You can choose between the 3, 4, 5, and 6m kite.

The kite has a sizeable leading edge that helps create stability, reduces flex, and generates power at slow speeds to keep you moving.

This Wind Wing can cross water, snow, or land, depending on what you use it for. It gives power to anything that slides, rolls, glides, or planes. You can use the kite with a mountain board, skateboard, snowboard, windsurf, or skis. With this windsurfer, you are guaranteed a lot of fun.

2. Slingshot Slingwing v2

The Slingwing V2 is lightweight, which makes wrist control and oscillation cancellation effortless. In addition, this kite is ideal for all watersports enthusiasts, thanks to the reduced arm fatigue in light air conditions.

Slinging V2 comes with 5 soft and comfortable handles ensuring you can get a perfect angle for endless fun. In addition, stability is guaranteed by the Cambered Dihedral shape, allowing you to harmonize the mind, body, and board giving excellent control. 

It is also important to note that you can use this Wind Wing with a snowboard, skateboard, or paddleboard

3. Shinn Resurector Wing

If you are looking for a product that offers the high performance and high quality that you need for your windwing pursuits, we would recommend the Shinn Resurector Wing. We loved the power and stability offered, as well as the seamless control that you experience.

The Shinn Resurector Wing has been tested through a wide range of conditions, and it’s performance doesn’t falter. If you are looking for a good all round windwing, this is the one to choose!

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