What are the Best Salesforce Training Resources?

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Salesforce has become popular because of its numerous benefits. Today, almost 150,000 companies use it worldwide. However, the continuous updates and launching of new features has made it difficult to learn for some people.

Due to the increasing demand for Salesforce, there are a lot of training courses and tools available on the internet, which makes it difficult to select the best. We have researched several resources and made a list of the best ones to help you choose what’s on the top.

Types of Salesforce Training Programs

Supplemental Resources

Taking a complete training course to learn about Salesforce can be boring and time consuming. To avoid this, you can provide your team with Salesforce supplemental resources. This is the best way to learn about new and complicated features, without taking a whole course. Users are also given the benefit of bookmarking the documents for quick referencing at a later date.

Instructor-Led Courses

The instructor-led courses usually have higher fees than other types of training programs. Also, they need a strict time schedule from your team. But instructor-led courses give you the benefits of learning from the experts. This enables them to ask questions to make sure each concept is clear. 

Self-Paced Courses

This type of training course is the best option for distributed and growing teams. Self-paced training doesn’t need instructors to take you through the course. This makes them inexpensive and more affordable than instructor-led programs. Self-paced courses enable the users to take the training on their own at any time. 

In-App Guided Training

It is often preferred to learn by practising. In-app guided training enables one to learn about the Salesforce platform while practising. You will get to know about various features of the platform while using them step-by-step. 

Best Training Resources for Salesforce

Choosing the best training program from the hundreds of available options can be challenging. To save you from this hustle, we have listed below the best Salesforce training resources.

Salesforce Youtube

This is the official YouTube channel of the Salesforce company. The company regularly uploads video tutorials and guides users through the latest features. You can also access the webinars related to Salesforce. The users can learn about the features through short videos. 

Cloud Pacific

Cloud Pacific is one of the best options when learning about Salesforce. It is a Salesforce partner and consulting firm based in Hawaii. It focuses on the real estate, service, and finance industries. Its mission is to guide the company and help it grow personally and professionally. 

Cloud Pacific offers four different courses – Salesforce Implementation Strategy, Apex for Salesforce Admins, Pardot Administrator Training, and Lightning Web Components. These courses vary based on the duration of course, requirements, and the content to be taught.

Salesforce Trailhead Academy

Salesforce Trailhead Academy offers more than 50 online and in-person training courses. Not only this, but each course is about a different feature of the platform. The Salesforce Trailhead Academy offers some courses designed for specific jobs. Each course takes a few hours to days for its completion. 


If you are looking for structured video lessons, then Udemy is the right choice for you. It offers different Salesforce courses depending on your level of expertise with varying lengths. Udemy frequently offers sales on courses.

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