What are the Best Pundi X Wallets for 2019?

What is the Best Pundi X Wallet?

What is Pundi X?

The Pundi X ICO took place on January 21, 2018 with a goal of $35 million. There were around 280.755 billion Pundi X tokens that were created and $88 billion was released in circulation.

Founded last September 2017, Pundi X is from Jakarta, Indonesia. The creators of Pundi X have operations all around the world to raise its use. The CEO and co-founder of Pundi X has several years working experience on in-browser and mobile game development and the rest of the core executive team is comprised of computer scientists, finance and legal experts.

Pundi X is one of the most successful coin launches of all-time because after being listed on its first exchange, it opened with a market cap of over $300 million. Pundi X ICO was hyped by the digital currency economy due to their revolutionary vision and products.

Pundi X or also known as NPXS is an Ethereum token with a goal – “make buying cryptocurrency as easy as buying bottled water.” Pundi X boasts an all-in-one mobile wallet app where users can easily buy and sell Pundi X using fiat currency or with the use of other digital asset.

This mobile wallet offers an advanced Point of Service or POS app that makes it easy to accept Pundi X and other digital asset or cryptocurrency for payment of the purchase. The design of the wallets and hardwares were created to ensure seamless and safe transactions between all the members of the network, wallet users, customers and the merchants.

Pundi X’s Main Features

  • Point of Sale Solutions. POS was created to help investors, developers, exchanges and companies by allowing cryptocurrency payments and transactions through mobile wallets and bank cards.
  • Pundi X Pass Card. Users can use this pass card to buy, sell and store digital assets; they could also easily top up their assets onto their cards by swapping cards at various authorized retail outlets.
  • Assortment of Devices. Pundi X offers a couple of devices from desktop, mobile, cash machines and scanners that cater the different needs of users.
  • Mobile Application and Web Platform. Users are able to access POS solutions and execute different transactions.

How does Pundi X Work?

Pundi X enjoys the security and tech that the Ethereum blockchain provides. Since the goal is to make digital currency easier to use for beginners and less technological know-how, their apps are made easier and simpler.

Pundi X’s own XPCOS hardware acts as a POS processor like that of a credit or debit card swiper except that it is connected to the Pundi X Network which provides services in order to help in easier transaction processing.

The Pundi X team is currently pursuing a large range of business partnerships to create more value and use to their network.

Why Choose Pundi X?

Nowadays, people have more access to mobile phones than computers; Pundi X thought about this and decided to create a mobile-friendly app with several features that help users in the buying, selling and storing of cryptocurrencies. With this in mind, here are some of the apps that you can take advantage of while using Pundi X:

  • Pundi XPASS – a wallet/exchange combination; this is used to store digital assets safely as well as allow buying and selling it with a single swipe;
  • Point of Sale (POS) Solution – a POS solution best for businesses was created to support retail intelligence, inventory and order management, marketing and loyalty programs;
  • Mobile Payment Integration – buy and sell cryptocurrency using wallets that support Pundi X;
  • Top-Up Supported – users can easily top-up their mobile wallets using fiat currency therefore replenishing their wallets with NPXS instantly.

How to Buy Pundi X?

Set up your most convenient and preferred Pundit wallet to store NPXS coins. Be sure to safely keep your private keys to avoid unwarranted access to your digital assets;

  • Copy your wallet address and save it for use in the next steps;
  • Next, buy Ethereum or Bitcoin cryptocurrency from a reliable exchange using fiat currency. You have to deposit your fiat money into the exchange using the supported payment options before buying ETH or BTC;
  • Deposit the ETH or BTC you just bought into a crypto exchange platform that supports Pundi X coins or NPXS;
  • Then, exchange the ETH or BTC in lieu for the Pundi X coins;
  • Lastly, using the wallet address that you have created in Step 2, transfer your coins from the exchange platform to your crypto wallet. It’s still safer and more secure to keep your digital assets in a wallet rather than an exchange.
  • Wallets that Support Pundi X

Pundi X is an ERC20 token which means it is implemented using the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts. This also would mean that NPXS is compatible with all ERC20 wallets. We will be discussing the major Pundi X wallet systems available in the market today.

  • Ledger Nano S. This is a digital asset hardware wallet that can be used to store different crypto coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin and other Altcoins.  It’s basically a USB device that can be connected to your computer. Ledger Nano S is a secure wallet since it keeps the user’s coins offline making them inaccessible even by hackers.
  • MyEtherWallet. An easy and convenient open source digital wallet for storing coins associated on the Ethereum blockchain – this blockchain is a secure technology with increased security protocols for storing the user’s data and assets safe. Coins are secured using a private key that is given to the user when they set up an account.
  • Trezor. This is a USB device type of hardware wallet, just like the Ledger Nano S that is used for storing, sending and receiving digital assets. This can be connected to other wallets such as MyEtherWallet for a more secure offline storage.
  • Exchanges Supporting Pundi X

Here is a list of the three major exchanges supporting the Pundi X coin:

  • IDEX. Supports trading in over 200 different digital currencies. NPXS tokens can be traded with ETH, USD, EUR, BCH among others.
  • Bancor Network. This exchange allows users to bbuy and sell ERC20 tokens. NPXS tokens can be traded against BNT, ST, OMG, LDC, BAT and other Ethereum based tokens.
  • Coinnest. PNXS coins can be traded here against South Korean Won (KRW). This platform is relatively new that is why it is not so popular in the cryptocurrency community.

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