What are the Best Free News Sources?

best free news sources

The internet is now the main source of news and information that we consume on a daily basis. You can find the latest news about events happening all around the world from various different news source. However, in a more recent development, some of these credible news sources now require an online paid subscription, which can be expensive.

This is why we thought we would try and identify the best free internet news source (more info), to help you keep up-to-date without paying a penny. We focused our search on free news sources which reported on current affairs, world news, and the best of entertainment.

Here are news sources we would recommend…

BBC News

For global updates on politics, current affairs, sports, and entertainment, you can trust BBC News (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news) to feature accurate information in real time. The website is also dedicated to news from the UK. All this information is published on the website for free.

Google News

Google has developed a free online news platform to share the latest updates and trending headlines in different parts of the world. The news portal is easy to use, and the settings can be modified to ensure that the latest local headlines in your region are shown to you first.


You can find the latest News on Reddit as posted by people from all over the world. Reddit users have formed an online community for sharing lots of information about politics, entertainment, sports, and trending news.


Reuters is an online news platform focused on following events in the US and other global regions. It is another excellent source of free news online.

Wiki News

For targeted information about different topics and events in particular regions, Wikinews is another free online source we would recommend. The online platform is used by the public, and anyone can upload or update information after vetting is done to ascertain accuracy.


This website publishes the headlines on newspapers from all over the world for free. You can find out global trending news at a glance with Press Reader.


On this website, one major newspaper from every state in America has been listed.

Thankfully, many of these websites are responsive so you can view the content on mobile devices on the go. Most of these news services will also have downloadable apps. Feel free to check them out for free news…

For more information about the best free news sources, check out cultureforum.net.

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