What are the Benefits of Eye Massage?

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Modern-day maladies such as a lack of sleep, stress and staring for too long at our laptop and mobile screens can have a terrible effect on our eyes.

These are some of the reasons why we might get dark circles and lines around our eyes, not to mention poor eyesight. However, a soothing eye massage after the end of a tiring day can keep your eyes fresh. Eye massage therapies help to eliminate stress, headaches, relax eye muscles and improve the circulation of blood around the eyes.

They also help you with sleeping better in the night and improve eyesight.

How Eye Massagers can help

An eye massager is like a simple eye mask with a remote control attached to it. These are high-tech aids that offer pain-relief around eyes and the temple area. Studies show that around 60-70% of people suffer from migraines caused due to visual stress. People, both children, and adults spend hours staring at computers, TVs and smartphones. To cope with such problems, eye massagers are increasingly becoming popular nowadays.


As the popularity of these devices increases, many new models and features are coming on the market. The best eye massagers, according to Gadgetal, can command high prices but come with a lot of innovations. Eyes massages are usually battery-powered and portable so you can use them almost anywhere.

They use a combination of temperature, pressure, and vibration to relieve tension in and around the muscles of the eyes. The intensity and time of the eye massage can be controlled with the help of remote control.

You can also control heat settings to help in the dilation of blood vessels. Some configurations even let you focus on eyelids and the temple area for more targeted relief. If music is what puts you in the mood to relax, some models playback music as they massage your key pressure points.

How Eye Massagers Work

Eye massagers have a cushioning material that is positioned upon the eyes of a user. This foam-like material is soft and slowly moves, gently massaging the area around the eyes.

Sometimes this is through multi-frequency vibration, while it can also include air pressure, magnetic fields and infra-red heat compression techniques. All of these features can combine to provide a more holistic approach to relieving eye stress. They can improve blood circulation, reduce pain in the temple and forehead, sinus, and even wrinkles around the eyes.

The heat and compression features help to reduce the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Today, some of the world’s top brands including Panasonic, Merlin, and Xiaomi are launching their versions of eye massagers.

If you spend a lot of time in front of digital screens (which can cause serious problems according to this article), an eye massager will significantly improve your quality of life.



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