What Are the Advantages of Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machines

laser cutting machine

Laser cutting technology has been around for a long time. For decades, certain industries used lasers to cut holes into diamonds. However, much has changed in the past 50 years of technological advancement. Among the many types of equipment, the metal sheet laser cutting machine is one of the most tested solutions for metal cutting.

As compared to the older generation, the newly develop metal sheet laser cutting machine is so much more powerful. Depending on the model, they can easily cut through different kinds of metals with high precision.

In this article, we will know more about this advanced piece of machinery. Specifically, we will look at the metal sheet laser cutting machine advantages.

About Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machines

Metal sheet laser cutting machines have optical cutting devices and highly focused lasers that are used in multiple ways to slice through the metal. The machines are all mechanically fed and controlled by a specific software that is used to cut based on an input design and pattern.

There are different kinds of laser cutting methods: vaporization cutting (more info), melt and blow, thermal stress cracking (definition), stealth dicing of silicon wafers, and reactive cutting. Regardless of the method of cutting, the actual process is relatively the same across all types, with differences based on the company and the machine. The optical laser that cuts through the metal is a high wattage focused light. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of wattages to cut through the necessary thickness.

For a metal sheet of 2mm thick steel, you will need at least 500 watts. The considerations that you need to remember are all above power. If you only need something to cut cardboard, then a desk model will be fine. However, if your company needs to extend to the mention of 2mm thick steel, then you will need to think about size, power, and energy. To this end, metal sheet laser cutting machines would be the best option for you.

Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machines Advantages

Metal sheet laser cutting machines have many advantages in their utilization. The first main characteristics are indeed its versatility and flexibility. This fantastic piece of equipment allows operators to laser cutting metals without the exchange of tools. By just switching to a different setup, the machinery can cut equal metal thickness in many different shapes.

Another important aspect is the quality of the cut itself. Metal sheet laser cutting machines are, in fact, highly precise. They are capable of contactless cut having a reduced heat-affected zone and leaving just a small burr. Metal sheet laser cutting machines see their applications in many industries such as precision instruments, auto parts, kitchen and bathroom hardware, electronic appliances, and smart homes.

Recently gaining high praise for its reliability, we have discovered HSG metal sheet laser cutting machines. This cutting-edge instrument achieves faster rotation speed with high precision with a ±0.05mm/m of positioning and repositions accuracy. Among its perks, we can find an open structure with automatization making it easier to implement and extremely customizable.


Besides the benefits, you need to understand the responsibilities associated with owning a metal sheet laser cutting machine. It is not something that is easily purchased. You may need financing and an expert recommendation for installation and implementation.

HSG has been around since 2006 and has a global market base with over 15,000 laser cutters. Focus on providing critical technical support and targeted personalized system integration solutions for Industry 4.0, HSG can support your production time and quality.

Establish your production line and control every aspect of the development. Whether you are bringing the cutting-in-house or expanding a stamp line to a cutting line, you will see improvements in quality and delivery speed from day one.

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