What are Sex Dolls?

Assuming you have heard about real doll but can’t define what they really are, this article is for you. It will guide you into understanding what sex dolls are.

As the name implies, a sex doll (sometimes referred to as a love doll) is a doll that satiates your sexual desire. They are generally used to achieve sexual pleasure. Sex dolls come in both sexes (male and female), although most of them are female.

While most sex dolls are life-sized dolls that will look like real human sexual partners, some come in the form of a head, pelvis, vagina, breasts, or some other sexual stimulating parts. There are several forms of sex dolls; however, they differ from sex robots which are humanlike creations made to take part in more complicated interactions.

Sex dolls are mostly made of TPE or Silicon

Usually, these lifelike sexual devices try to replicate the appearance and performance of an actual human, most sex dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. This gives them a realistic feel, appearance, and impression. Aside from the TPE material, sex dolls have a metal skeleton that ensures that the doll remains in good shape and condition. They also have lifelike eyeballs, snap eyebrows and skin texture that feels just like humans’.

What are sex dolls role in Masturbation?

Sex dolls are realistic and offer an improved form of self-pleasure than mere masturbation. Sex dolls are everything a woman looks like. They come in different ages and sizes. Some come with big ass, breasts, moveable and replaceable vaginas, and a lot more, depending on your preference. Most sex dolls come with clothes, so they don’t have to be naked all the time, except when you want to have sex.

If you want intense sexual pleasure, sex dolls can be customized to your preference. Whatever is your sexual fantasies, with a reasonable budget, you can create your ideal woman. You can emphasize more on the genitals to get a detailed human replica. Sex dolls have vaginas of different sizes and modifications. You can also get your sex doll heated up, moan and give movement simulation. Several improvements are available depending on your desire and the ability of the sex doll company to create your perfect life-sized doll.

Your Sex doll could be your ever-present companion

In addition to being a sex mate to some people, sex dolls are assets to most lonely individuals. These plastic creatures help get through specific difficulties in life that could pull one down. Sex dolls act as a convenient and non-judgmental companion in the dark time when there’s no one to talk to or have sex with. They have come in handy as plastic girlfriends and partners, especially during this pandemic period where many people have had to live in isolation.

One may have several toys or devices in their sexual toolbox; sex dolls aren’t an exception. Most sex doll users feel sex dolls are the only female intimacy they have available to them or have an obsession they are not willing to disclose with another person. Even though these toys can never substitute human interaction, they are an excellent supplement for specific fantasies and acts that you can only imagine. Furthermore, sex dolls come in as a perfect replacement for some men who have been previously hurt by their partners or those whose barbarous needs cannot be met by sex workers.

Finally, in answering the question “what are sex dolls?” A simplified and clear-cut explanation to this question is that sex dolls are anthropomorphic sex toys consisting of the entire body or body parts used to achieve sexual pleasure. They are mostly made of silicone or TPE to give them a real human look.



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