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As a business, your website design is one of the most important things to get right. When your website is of high quality, you’re more likely to be discovered by potential customers, you make a positive first impression and you’re more likely to score those all important sales. If you had your website developed a long time ago (or did a DIY job and put it up yourself) chances are it’s going to need redesigning to match up with customers expectations. Here are some of the crucial elements of good website design.

Clear Navigation

One of the most critical things to get right with your website is the navigation. Since this is the ‘hub’ of all of your company’s information, everything needs to be clearly labelled and accessible. Working your way around the website should be intuitive, many inexperienced designers or people having a go themselves will put style over substance and over complicate things. When it comes down to it, being able to click around properly and find the information you need is much more important than fancy transitional graphics or other extras. In fact, this day in age they’re much more likely to be seen as off putting. A good website design company like Bay Area Web Design Company will know what modern customers and clients expect and can develop your website with this knowledge and experience in mind.

Easy to Search

Any information that’s not shown on the front page should be quick and easy to search. Your customer might be looking for a specific product or blog post for example. A search bar on the main page which returns accurate results will make their lives much easier and give a better user experience overall. Making people click all over your site to find what they need is likely to lead to them simply giving up and clicking off- it could mean them finding what they want elsewhere and never returning.

Good Storefront

E-commerce sales are growing at 10% each year in the US, and as a result of coronavirus are growing even more quickly now. If you use your websites to sell products directly, it’s important to choose a good e-commerce storefront to give a clean and professional look. Taking high quality product photography will also help here, avoid using generic photos from the manufacturers and pay a photographer to take your own.

A Company Blog

Blogging for business helps your website in numerous ways. First of all, every time you write a new blog post, you get another indexed page on your site which can help you to show up in search results and gain more traffic to your website in organic search. Blog posts tend to be shareable, if they’re shared across social media then it’s more people clicking back to your site. Finally, a blog can make you look more trustworthy and reliable, customers are picky about who they’ll shop with and extras like a blog can make them decide to go with you over a competitor.

How have you improved your website recently?

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