Wayken Establishes a CNC Metal Machining Department for Production Support

this cnc metal machining helps with production

Top Chinese Rapid Manufacturing Company, Wayken early this month, announced that it has set up an internal CNC machining department that is committed to custom metal machining production support for its clients.  According to the company’s leadership, the newly created department improves Wayken’s ability to respond to customer requests swiftly and in a less costly manner before the final production is carried out.

The CNC metal machining department consists of highly trained technicians who are ready to include some of the latest strategies to ensure parts that meet customer requirements are produced during the metal machining process. Wayken was recently ranked as one of the leading companies offering CNC machining services in China. CNC metal machining services provided by the company are based on aluminum milling, aluminum prototyping, and custom CNC aluminum machining. Wayken also deals with advanced metals machining and also soft metals like zinc, titanium, and magnesium.

The Role of the CNC Metal Machining Department in Wayken

The team was set up to improve production support in this particular service offered by the company. There are several tasks they have to carry out to ensure custom metal machining procedures run smoothly, and everything is done to customer needs. The following are their roles.

Monitoring Production

The team established by the company is required to monitor the production process from start to finish. Their key role will be to monitor parts going through the different stages of CNC metal machining to ensure they are of the right standards. This is meant to ensure that parts produced are of the right quality.

Responding to Customer Needs

The CNC metal machining department set up by the company will work with customers during the pre-production and post-production process to ensure everything meets their desired needs.  They can also offer clients advice where possible on different adjustments that should be made to their metal parts to ensure they are of ideal quality.

Managing Incidents

Some issues can come up during production. Systems failure can occur when machining specific metal parts, and this may affect the quality of the whole production. The production support team set up by the company will play a crucial role in managing such incidents. They are required by the company to use their expertise to sort out the challenge experienced and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Scheduling Jobs

The production support team is also responsible for scheduling jobs and ensures operations run smoothly. They will do this by assigning tasks to different operators and keying in commands on their software-operated machines.

Wayken has state of the art equipment to ensure their CNC metal machining processes run smoothly and their clients get parts with a perfect finish. The recent move to establish a production support team in CNC metal machining is meant to boost operations in the company.  Our main aim is to ensure quality parts are produced, with surface finish being the top priority. Using this team together with the latest metal machining tools will help the company come up with parts that meet customer requirements.

Improving productivity is the other reason why Wayken decided to set up such a team. They are required to work closely using the latest technologies to ensure everything runs smoothly during the production process. Their contribution during the procedure is considered essential in the production of more parts that are of high-precision. Minimal errors are also expected during the production process because the support team is staffed with highly experienced persons who are required to oversee the process in all stages to ensure production is of high quality.

Your ISO Certified Prototype Supplier

Certificated by ISO 9001: 2005, WayKen, a rapid manufacturing company, with multi-axis CNC machines in her CNC machine shop, providing high quality machined plastic and metal components. It offers advanced technologies: Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining and Rapid Tooling serve in a wide range of industries for manufacturing of plastic and metal parts.

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