Watch Designer Oliver Gallaugher Shows Us The Kryptonite X Tourbillon Watch

Oliver Gallaugher is a watch designer who occasionally collaborates with watchmakers and artisans to create a completely distinctive, one of a kind watch.

His first one of one watch design is ‘The Kryptonite X’.

This tourbillon watch design is inspired by the restorative properties possessed by the rare compound Kryptonite X in the original DC superman comics. It features a custom, hand engraved 316l steel case, which holds a carefully hand engraved and modified manual wind tourbillon movement, with a power reserve of 60 hours. 

The best Swiss luminous glows green on the specially engraved dial in low light to enhance its association with the famous Kryptonite rock. To complement the concept, a custom made, dark green crocodile strap has been fitted with a matching, hand engraved clasp to ensure there is nothing ordinary about this watch.

It is presented inside a carved wood and leather box with a decorative plaque, and comes with its official certificate of authentication and guarantee.

From Oliver’s initial ideas and sketches, this luxury watch design was created in just over five months time. It is completely unique. No one has ever made a watch with this theme and design and it is limited to one piece only. 

The Kryptonite X Tourbillon watch has now been sold to a private collector.

Oliver is currently developing his next daring concept watch design, which, like the Kryptonite X, will have its own theme and back story. He is also open to commissions if clients are interested in their own one of one watch.

It’s an exciting time in the watch industry with new materials like carbon fibre and sapphire crystal being used to create watch cases and other parts. Some brands are pushing the technology of mechanical watches even further like Richard Mille with their RM 27-03 – a watch designed for tennis player Rafael Nadal that can withstand shocks up to 10,000 g’s when he is hitting the ball on the court.

Kryptonite X Tourbillon Watch image

Hublot have managed to create entirely new alloys for their watches. One of which is named ‘Magic Gold’ – A unique blend of gold and ceramic resulting in the world’s first and only 18 carat scratch proof gold material. No doubt there will be more fantastic innovations developed and presented by watch brands in the near future.

With crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter (official website) and Indiegogo it has never been easier to start a watch brand and raise the production costs up front. The advent of social media has made marketing and customer acquisition much more straight forward. Now watch brands can directly target their ideal consumer with digital ad campaigns that link to their online store, meaning greater profit margins and full control of their watches distribution and information.

Watch designers are usually employed by large design agencies or by watch brands, and are hard to get in contact with directly through their corporate structures. Oliver works independently with fashion, jewellery and private individuals who would like to create their own watches or watch brand, offering a more personalised approach when working with clients. From basic sketches to computer drawings and 3D models of your watch design, to researching suitable watch movements and sourcing trusted, reputable manufacturers; Oliver can support each client with more than just the watch design itself.

To find out more you can contact him through his website:

You can see a YouTube video here about the watch –

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