Valorant New Strategies and Its Impact

Valorant caters to a bunch of different playstyles, and allows for more creative actions / decisions to be made in and out of the game. Once Valorant releases globally, Riot will see how effective their marketing skills are, with their previous hit game’s release – League of Legends. In conjunction with their hit release, they went into a different genre of games, their early playtesting abilities for content creators early on into the games shelf life, and once drops were enabled ( direct quote on what drops enabled means ).

With these different play styles allowed, and more accepted, this leads into a better gameplay, and better perceived surface level of tactical shooters ability to let players decide how they want to play the game. They aren’t constrained to one specific way to play the game, they have the chance to explore other ways in which they could win, and how they can get to that win without strictly grouping up, covering site A, B, C.

When these playstyles are found out, and explored, one could always think about how valorant boosting services will be able to utilize these specific strategies. If, and once these people find a strategy that works so well they have to get their whole team to deal with it,  pro players, or people looking  to step up their in game gameplay, Riot will have to go out of their way to find out how this said strategy will be utilized to the best of its capabilities, and nerf either the hero’s that are used for this strategy, or they will have to nerf the way that the terrain interacts with the champions with this strat.

How long these strategies will take in order to be found out, explored, and improved upon ; nobody knows. Something that does end up helping players promote different playstyles is the implementation of a custom game tool, allowing people to go into a game, reenact everything necessary to trying and finding out how to play the game, play their playstyle, whatever it may be that they are trying to adjust in their playstyle.

With, or without any information given via Riot, some of these potential strategies could lead to things getting patched, updated, nerfed, buffed, altered – whatever you would consider, but with all of that being said, this does negatively / positively impact the state of the game, due to Riot having to go out of their way to alter the way that people play their game, on both sides of the game. Once Riot decides that they want to capitalize on their communities experiences, rather than their impact that they have on streamers, or the potential pro scene that they’re trying to build up in the early years of Valorant’s beta release.

With everything stated, what do you think Riot’s next move should be? Do you think they should cater to the professional scene, or do you think they should be catering towards the general playerbase? Which of these options do you think are better off for the longevity of the company’s game?

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