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The need for an abstract comes from any corner of publishing of a piece of complete work. The abstract serves the first purpose of providing the key findings along with an overview of the entire work. In the field of academic publishing, the concept of abstract is in the production of a written form of the key outcomes with the introduction, objective, procedure and conclusions if any could be made. This written version of making an abstract has been for a long practice but with the advent of video sharing platforms, like those platforms discussed over at HowtoGeek, the age-old method of perceiving abstract is diminishing, as the new generation of readers are putting greater emphasis on video consumption. This has led to the new creation of remodeling the abstract version and now with the video touch, and calling it as ‘video abstract’, according to https://abstract.tube/. Top name journals in the scientific publishing are putting special liking to bring video abstract into the mainstream by allowing video abstract in the full paper publication. As all these videos grow in significant numbers in different places such as journal websites, authors’ personal blogs, institution libraries, video sharing places and also social media platforms, there will be, at some point, hard to keep track of all the videos.

Sarbojeet Jana from Columbus, Ohio is trying to put this into a different meaning by creating a dedicated platform to all the video abstracts. This idea looks so overly simple and yet carries a definite solution to many different problems. Not only has that he said, video abstracts be given this repository but also conference poster, graphical abstract, unpublished diagram and flawed findings will be provided equal hospitality. Two important aspects to benefit from it will be having an easier access to finding any related contents and getting it cited in its right form.

As the website is emphasizing profusely that promotion of any research barely gets heard just by merely having it published in any journal. A journal does just the publishing but to circulate the article for peers’ to read and having it cited only comes to the author’s ability to promote it well. It is thus indeed a go-to place for all researchers and other academic professionals to upload video abstracts in Abstract Tube portal. It will help gain more readerships and has the potential of garnering more citation. As an independent reviewer of this startup, this can neither be called only a tech startup nor a media alone but a mixture of both with Edu-tech taste and no doubt, there is its real need among millennial students and research scholars as so many articles are being published on a daily basis from thousands of journal outlets.   

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