UPDF – The Best File Manager App on iPhone and iPad

The UPDF iOS App is the ultimate file management tool if you handle a lot of documents and files on the go. It gives you the unique opportunity to open, view, search, rename, move, upload, share, and secure documents directly on your iOS device.

Created by a highly professional team of developers at Superace Software Technology, this file management app can do it all. To be effective, it employs a number of unique and very useful features and tools. The following is a breakdown of everything you will get when you choose to use UPDF.

The Detailed Introduction of UPDF

UPDF is the only iOS document management app that will give you the unique ability to manage documents as you would on a desktop app. Its numerous and very useful features work together to accomplish this very unique capability. They include the following;

  1. File Management

UPDF would not be a file manager if it didn’t have the general capabilities to enable the user to import, view, rename, move, copy, duplicate, delete, share, email, print, add to favorite, add tags, and more. These options make it a wide-reaching document management solution that can give the user the freedom to create and manage documents anywhere. You can access and manage documents in various formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Images (including JPG, PNG, and BMP), XML, and videos.

  1. PDF Creation and Conversion

PDF is a popular format for the simple reason that it can be opened on any platform. So, if you share documents on a regular basis, you may be looking for a simple way to create and convert PDF documents. UPDF for iOS gives you that on an iOS device. With this app, you can create PDFs from scratch or from scanned documents. You can also convert photos on your device to PDF and then share these newly minted documents very easily.

  1. Edit and Annotate PDFs in numerous ways

Once you can have created a PDF document from scanned files or the photos on your device, you may need to make changes to the document before sharing it. Unlike other file managers, UPDF does not impose limits on the changes that you can make to the document.

For instance, adding text to a PDF can be accomplished as easily as it would on any other word processing program. You can also highlight various aspects of the document and annotate the document in various ways. This makes UPDF for iOS one of the best tools to use for collaborative projects.

  1. Sign PDFs

The same freehand drawing tool that you would use to annotate and markup a PDF document can also come in handy when you need to add a signature to any PDF document. PDF is the go-to document format for documents that require a signature especially if the document creator doesn’t want any changes made, but is only looking for an acknowledgment of the content.

But without the right tool, signing a PDF document can be an unnecessarily complicated process. UPDF for iOS is perhaps the only mobile-based solution that makes adding a signature to any document very easy. It gives you the choice to draw in the signature with your finger or stylus and the whole process only takes a few seconds.

  1. Document Scanner

The inbuilt intelligent scanner in UPDF for iOS further simplifies the creation of PDF documents. It allows users to create a PDF document by scanning a photo or any other document including notes, receipts, and even business cards.

Once the image of the photo or document has been scanned, you can choose to crop, rotate, filter, delete ad reorder the scan before converting it to PDF. Once in PDF format, you can use one of the many numerous tools to edit the PDF document before sharing it.

  1. Security Space

PDF documents often contain sensitive information, which is why some users may choose to add a password to the document to protect it from unauthorized access. An added layer of protection becomes necessary when working with PDF documents on a mobile device that can be easily accessed by others. While iOS does have features to hide files on your device, anyone with knowledge of how iOS works can easily unhide the document.

UPDF for iOS gives you the option to add your document to a secure “Security Space” within the app. Any documents that are added to this Security Space will be protected from anyone without access. This is because you can use a passcode or Face ID to lock the Security space. You set the level of security you would like to use once and it is applied to all documents that you add to the Security Space.

The Future of UPDF

Despite an already impressive suite of tools, the developers at Superace Software Technology acknowledge that UPDF could be improved to provide even more features. Some of the additional features that you can expect to get with future updates of UPDF include;

  • The ability to edit PDF documents directly on your iPhone and iPad. You can already add text to a PDF with the current version, but newer versions will increase these editing capabilities.
  • Newer versions will also make it easier to fill PDF forms.
  • Future updates will also make it easier for you to share PDF documents via iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This feature will make it easier to work on collaborative projects that often involve PDFs.
  • For an added layer of security to PDFs with sensitive information, UPDF for iOS will very soon allow users to set a password to any PDF document.

As UPDF continues to evolve and grow, you can expect more features and improvements designed to improve productivity. We are also in the process of releasing UPDF Editor and UPDF Converter for Windows and Mac. UPDF Converter will be released in January 2022 and the UPDF Editor should be available by March 2022.

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