Uber Taxi Insurance Comprehensive Guide

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Uber is recognized as a Network Transportation Company that’s a private-hire cab service available for us. Their mission is to “increase accessibility for transportation” and they’ve accomplished this through the development of an app that is easy to operate!

The Uber application lets users reserve a ride suitable for them. Uber also has access to a vast amount of drivers to offer a fast service.

What Type Of Insurance Does Uber Driver Requires?

The Uber in US insures for a portion of the private trip however, personal insurance has to be purchased if driving in the absence of passengers. But, this insurance is not available in UK that has led to some confusion.

Uber doesn’t have any responsibility in relation to the UK policy for driver insurance. Since the vehicles aren’t operated or controlled by Uber, so it is up to the responsibility of the driver to make sure that the proper insurance is there. It is confirmed in the process of on-boarding. 

Why To Select Insured Private Hire?

  • Specialized insured Private Hire for Reward and Hire and also for social concerns.
  • Public Liability is an option.
  • Expert and committed Taxi insurance company like Quote Radar Uber taxi insurance.
  • 24 hour claims service in the UK.

What I Require To Be An Uber Driver?

There are some basic requirements to meet in order to be a driver for Uber. This includes:

  • Minimum 21 years old (see here).
  • Possessing a valid driver’s license of UK.
  • You’ll need an official private hire license from a local authority which Uber licenses by.
  • The minimum driving years of yours will be contingent on the location of your city.
  • You’ll require a car that is at minimum 2008 or later.
  • Successful candidates will be required to go through an onboarding session in which they have to prove that they possess the abilities, knowledge, and training to be a driver for Uber.

What kind of protection do Uber drivers require?

Uber drivers are basically private hire drivers, which is why hiring taxi insurance on private hire is required. Private hire insurance covers the vehicle and passengers in the case of an accident.

Coverage levels

Risks to the road – road risk constitute the mainstay of any personal hire insurance. You are able to choose the type of insurance you’d like to buy – third-party coverage; third party fire and theft, or full coverage. Fully comprehensive gives you the greatest security, but it is also more expensive when compared to a third-party policy.

Public liability claims – Insurance for public liability is mandatory to private-hire drivers. If a person who is a passenger or member of the public was to die or be injured as a result of reckless driving by you, then you’ll need to make sure you’re insured to be held accountable if it was against you. Legal expenses could be included.

Fleet insurance – Private hire companies who own the fleet of cars. Fleet insurance is the best alternative since it offers coverage that’s typically less expensive and probably more manageable.

What Can I Do To Get A Lower Cost Insurance When I Become Uber Driver?

Similar to all insurance policies, the most important thing to getting a competitive rate is to conduct the most thorough research. Here are some suggestions to keep in your mind:

  • If you pay annually, because of the interest charged on the monthly installments, make your total payout less.
  • Installing security cameras and dashboard cameras makes it less expensive as you’ll be considered being a lower risk to your insurance company.
  • Parking your car securely overnight, such as in a garage rather than in the street.

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