Types of SEO – What Tactic to Pick for Your Site Promotion?

white hat search engine optimization

If you are on this page, then you should probably know what SEO is, why it is needed, and what goals it helps to achieve. By optimizing a site for search engine algorithms, you make sure to display pages in search results for those queries that are beneficial to you in terms of attracting the target audience. The ultimate essence of this approach is to push these very pages as close as possible to the top results on SERP. You can reach this goal in different ways. And SEO can become the perfect instrument for this. You just need to know the types of SEO that exist today, their distinctive features, and pitfalls.

White-, Grey-, or Black-Hat SEO – What Works Better?

Webmasters and online business owners can today choose from a wide range of site promotion options. Depending on their business needs, performance niche, and target audience, they can find the promotion approach that will boost their revenue rates in the shortest time possible. This is where you need to know what is black hat SEO and what makes white-hat SEO a better solution for you.

Type 1 — White-Hat SEO

The white form of SEO is the most honest optimization tactic that search engines advocate for. In the case of white-hat SEO, site promotion is run in a “natural” way:

  • The website is constantly updated with quality and unique content;
  • Backlinks are placed on sites of the same subject or related niche;
  • There is no spamming of links on forums and blogs;
  • Webmasters take care of the interests of their target audience and answer all the key questions with the new content they post.

That is, white-hat SEO has nothing to do with the attempts to “hack” the search engine and use its algorithms for personal gain. That’s why it takes some time to promote your website with white-hat SEO. However, this approach leads to long-term development prospects.

Type 2 — Grey-Hat SEO

This type of site optimization no longer implies such “pure” intentions. Nevertheless, it is not forbidden at the official level. In the case of the grey-hat SEO, site optimization is performed in the following directions:

  • Site performance boost manipulations to increase its positions in ratings;
  • Buying links from donors;
  • Using doorway pages for the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes.

When employing this type of website SEO optimization tactic, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you risk that your manipulations are noticed by the search engine and your online resource is blocked. In this regard, you should act very carefully so as not to prompt search engines to unnecessary suspicions.

Type 3 — Black-Hat SEO

The black-hat SEO is now completely obsolete. A couple of years ago, it was an effective approach to make an online resource ranked high by doing severe manipulations with ranking algorithms. But with the time, search engines have identified the hack and today block online resources resorting to this type of SEO. Black-hat SEO was originally built on various tricks that could deceive search engines and make a site get to the top of SERP. But now search engines see this tactic through and through. So following this approach, you will get a ban rather than some positive results.

Do You Know Anything About Orange Search Engine Optimization?

Orange SEO involves getting traffic in not quite rational ways. That is, a strategy is aimed at attracting any visitors, even not targeted ones. This is realized by adding key phrases that have little relevance to the textual content of the topic but are very popular among online people. In fact, this is not a completely justified method.

Final Word

There are different ways to brand yourself online and promote your website. It is only you who decides on what tactic to use. However, we strongly recommend that you do not resort to black-hat SEO and play the site promotion game according to the rules.

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