Types of Massage and Their Therapeutic Importance

Perhaps one of the oldest traditions of healing is massage. Various ancient cultures – including Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians – were persuaded and used to cure a number of conditions through massage therapy.

Massage therapy (including myotherapy) means kneading or handling the muscles of a human and other soft tissues to strengthen their fitness or wellness. It is a manual treatment that involves muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia retaining, shifting, and applying pressure.

The word ‘massage therapy’ describes a broad range of techniques that differ in the manner of application of touch, pressure, and strength. You can Learn more about Korean Massage below.


There are various kinds of massages, each with varying effects. The idea of a conventional massage table and oils is common to most of us. Massage, though, would not fall into a single class. There are hundreds of combinations, often also in one massage sub-set.  These various massage styles and techniques are known as Modalities. Modalities for particular issues or concerns to achieve customized outcomes have been created.

We’re not going to list every method here, since there are so many, but below are common modalities that can be used frequently.


The Swedish massage is a holistic massage treating the whole body that serves to improve fitness by soft tissue and muscles. The result is relaxing and balancing. In a Swedish massage, the massage practitioner uses 5 primary massage techniques: stroking and gliding; kneading; rubbing; tapping or snoring; vibration.

In order to relieve hand stroke and motion, the practitioner uses a massage oil. You should expect a consultation before you begin to inquire about your wellbeing and lifestyle and whether you have any tough places to avoid. The treatment lasts between 35 and 60 minutes, normally on the massage table.


The use of heated stones, commonly like basalt, entails a hot stone massage. A basalt is a form of high-iron volcanic rock that can hold well in the fire. Before massaging various parts of the body, the therapist melt stones in heated water. They can also keep the stones during various other massage techniques.

The massage of hot stone gives body muscles heat. Which will help to heal muscle strains when they are relaxed and blood flow to the region is increased. In exchange, this will help minimize rigidity and uncomfortable conditions.


Thai massage, which has been in India for more than 2,500 years. Influences from both Ayurvedic and western Chinese medicine are used in the original Thai massage as a healing art. Unlike Western massages, it does not require lying down on the massage pad, when the body is fitted with oil and the muscles and pressure points are kneaded by a practitioner.

You are placed on the ground completely clothed, while a practitioner uses stretching, pulling, and rocking exercises to alleviate stress, encourage rest and increase stability and circulation. Thai massage aims to enhance energy transfer across the body.


Massage of the deep tissue concentrates on the alleviation of serious muscle pain. It is particularly helpful if you have muscles, posture issues, or constant stiffness and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. Massage therapists also grab with their palms, knuckles, and elbows.

If you have inflamed joints or illnesses like lupus, avoid deep tissue massage, since the forceful nature of a massage can intensify the inflame. This massage uses additional pressure to penetrate the muscles and tendons harder. It is intended to help and occupy the connective tissue network of joints, bones, bodies, and nerves. According to the Ontario Registered Massage therapists Association, deep tissue massage can help alleviate chronic pain. It may also contribute to arthritis and stiffness.


Sports massage should be used for athletes who are capable of preparing and recuperating from sporting activities, designed to avoid and heal injury, increase endurance and improve their athletic performance. 

The theory behind sports massages is to manipulate the soft tissue of the body and concentrate on different classes of muscles based on the sport of the athlete. The stroke is usually smoother than a standard Swedish massage during the sports massage. Compression, treatment at a pressing stage, friction, and articulated mobility should also be used.


It incorporates essential oils into massage. Massages and aromatic baths were frequently used in ancient Egypt for thousands of years. The combination of both elements induces relaxation and can regenerate or energize you, depending on the type of aroma chosen by your massage therapist. Many therapists can first consult you to see what essential oils you want. Cypress, for instance, is thought to alleviate muscle pain while tea tree helps the immune system.


A sense of profound satisfaction and peace is one of the immediate advantages of massage. This is when a massage causes endorphins to be released – brain chemicals (neurotransmitters), which create well-being sensations. There are also decreased levels of stress hormones, including adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine. Studies show that the immune system is affected by elevated levels of stress hormones.

Some of the physical advantages of massage and myotherapy:

  • Muscle pain minimized
  • Enhanced lymphatic system circulation 
  • Stress hormone relief
  • Enhanced mobility and reliability
  • The enhanced tone of the skin
  • Enhanced deep tissue injury regeneration
  • Increased alertness of mind
  • Reduced depression and anxiety


There is no denying that getting a massage is fantastic for the mind, body, and soul. If it’s such an integral part of leading a healthier lifestyle, why don’t we all do it more often? Ok, most of us see massage as a luxury, which takes time and resources. You will do that if you want to go to a spa or see a private massage therapist. However, the best thing is that massages can be performed at home, too, and this does not take too long.

There are other benefits to this at-home massage. As the environment of your house is more comfortable, you can relax completely. Long massage appointments can also be booked at home nowadays. The people of Korea seem to have more healthy skin and body due to the regular massages they take. 



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