Turning Pictures Into Profit

Many institutions began in a tiny office, even a room. Lot of entrepreneurs started out on their own, not even a partner, a colleague let alone a team of staff to utilise. Instagram is proof that humble beginnings can lead to unfathomable success. Having themselves previously started out as an image-sharing app with only a tiny workforce before transforming into the global phenomenon you see today. To turn pictures into profit, they needed to be shrewd, opportunistic and calculating to spot a gap in the market to exploit. Sooner or later, the vanity and narcissism of today’s society would allow them the chance to pounce.

By taking advantage of a generation consumed by image, material items and self importance they were able to make huge sums of money and transition from photo-sharing into a global marketing empire. An emphatic twist in society towards visual media was the leg-up ‘Insta’ needed and gave them the perfect platform to redefine themselves as a business powerhouse endorsed by powerful and wealthy companies and many A-list celebrities, politicians and high-level marketers who were all soon using the tool for mass promotion.

Hundreds of millions of users worldwide use Instagram on a daily basis so the chance to network, advertise and sell is almost unlimited. To generate cash on such a scale was previously unknown and something that many people wanted to get in on and utilise for themselves. Paid adverts, influencers, mass-marketing via engagement and both product and service promotion are now evident on every scroll or swipe so why can’t you get in in the money making? We have listed some top tips on how to get started and maintain a following which produces revenue on your own Instagram account;

Create Developing a Base Followership

Successful marketing on Instagram is almost directly proportional to having a long list of followers. You could buy instagram followers in 2021 but the most efficient way for growing an organic and highly engaged Instagram following is to use the growth service Kicksta. Kicksta is a marketing software purpose made for Instagram to automate the organic growth of your followers and elevate your engagement.

The Link To Your Blog Matters

Instagram currently doesn’t allow clickable site links but product and service  links to your website and blog are pivotal when it comes to making money on Instagram so you’ll just have to type it in yourself and use a hashtag for support. Every single image, video, or whatever else you share must include a product or service promotion to maximise sales opportunities.

Image Quality Sells

Low key, unimaginative pictures are not going to get anyones attention. The way to making money is to produce pristine, original and thought-provoking images that trigger people’s interest in your brand.

Don’t Disregard The Video Function

A picture does wonders for a product or service. Visual selling cannot be underestimated so optimise each post with a video supplementing the product detail you have already included. Seeing how the service works or how you use a product in action is a huge selling point. Make it happen!

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