Trek to Rupin Pass in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

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Rupin Pass is a breathtaking cross-over trek that separates Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It’s a kaleidoscopic journey that brings you closer to the divine world of Mother Nature, offering gorgeous sceneries and sudden variations in the trail that will leave you speechless.

The first leg of this trek starts from Bawta, a charming Himalayan hamlet situated about 195 km from Shimla. From there, the trek continues to Jiskun, a picturesque village with every house looking like it is hanging from the mountains. The trek is a challenging one as it includes snowy, rocky, and muddy terrains.

After a day of trekking, you’ll reach Rati Pheri. This ridge line is dotted with hundreds of stone cairns and colourful prayer flags that give you an incredible panoramic view of the Kinner Kailash range in the north and the sprawling Rupin valley in the south. The ridge line is also home to the three-stage waterfall of Rupin.

Having climbed the icy slope, you’ll now walk on a flat trail and get ready to witness stunning views of pristine landscapes. You’ll be able to see snow-laden mountains, rushing rivers, and remote villages along the way.

You will then reach Ronti Gad, which is another green paradise. From here, you will get to explore the enchanting forests of Oak and Rhododendron. This is the perfect place to catch your breath.

It is here where you can take in the beauty of a u-shaped valley in the middle of trees and thousands of waterfalls. This is a must visit during your trek to Rupin Pass, especially after the monsoon when the region appears as Heaven on Earth.

The next morning, you’ll set out on an adventurous climb to the Rupin Pass. The hike is quite steep and gruelling, but it’s worth it.

As you approach the top of the cliff, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing sight of the Upper Waterfall campsite, a beautiful site where the mighty Rupin River cascades down from a cliff. The campsite is also surrounded by apple and apricot trees, giving you the opportunity to relax and admire your surroundings.

After spending some time here, you’ll move on to the third stage of the trek, which is a steep ascent to the Hanging Village of Jhaka. This climb is more challenging than the previous ones and takes about 7-8 hours to complete.

On this day, you’ll need to wake up early and make sure that you reach the base of the mountain before 05:00 AM so that you can be ready for the next exciting adventure. The trek to Rati Pheri is the longest day of the trip.

The climb to the Rupin Pass is not for those who are unfit or who have any breathing issues. This is the reason why it is always advisable to hire a guide.

You can plan your Rupin Pass trek between May and September, as the weather is the best during these months. However, winters can be challenging because of the heavy snowfall that falls here.

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