Travelling Morocco on Camel

You may have travelled by plane, by car, by boat, and by bus, but have you ever traveled by camel? If you’re visiting sunny Morocco, you may want to give this unique mode of travel a try.

Planning a Camel Trip

One thing to keep in mind about Morocco desert tours that take you into the scenic desert region of the country is that you may have to travel a bit before you get to the camels. In some cases, there may be a day or two of riding in a Jeep to get to where the camels are stationed for the desert journey.

Pay attention to the details of the tour you are booking to see what kind of extra time you might need to reach your destination by car, and if the entire tour involves riding on the back of a camel or only part of it. You can have a lot of fun traveling by jeep through the country of Morocco, but that may not be the first thing you expect to spend several days doing when you envision a romantic desert tour.

Visiting the Dunes

The best part of a tour into the Sahara Desert is getting to see the dunes. Those majestic dunes that sweep high over the sandy desert really are breathtaking and allow for some great photo ops, says LiveScience

You will probably want to prepare to spend some time there and make the most of your trip, if for no other reason than because it takes so long to actually arrive at the dunes. Some desert tours will take you there by bus, so you have options if you prefer not to write a camel.

Even if you’re not putting in much physical effort into the trek, the hot sun will drain your energy and make you feel tired afterwards. You want to choose a hotel that’s close to your stops so that you have a chance to rest after you get back from the dunes.

During your trip, there may not be much chance for bathroom breaks, so definitely make use of those that you do get and drink only as much liquid as you need.

What to Pack

There are a few key items you should bring when you’re taking a Moroccan tour into the desert. You’ll need to wear clothes that cover your skin for the most part, to protect yourself from the sun. You’ll probably also want some shades to cover your eyes, some sunscreen to prevent burning, and plenty of water for the trip. It’s hard to predict just how dehydrated you will be during your journey, so bring extra water just in case. Now you’re ready for a sunny Moroccan adventure!

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