Top Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Cherish

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Your wedding day is a memory that you and your guests will cherish for the rest of your lives, but the right wedding favors sent home with your guests are often a different matter. The vast majority of wedding favors traditionally take the form of knick-knacks that most guests will have trouble finding a place for in their home, and many will have to face the dilemma of whether to keep an item that’s just gathering dust or throw away a personalized piece of memorabilia from a fondly remembered occasion. You don’t have to give your guests annoying or tacky gifts, though – here are the top wedding favors that your guests will cherish long after the big day.

Personalized Shot Glasses

The problem with custom mugs and glassware is that they’re large and often require hand washing lest the personalization be washed away in the dishwasher. Shot glasses are a small-scale way to show the same type of sentiment, since they’re easy to tuck away in a drawer and can be brought out at other big events such as anniversaries. Not to mention that the multitude of puns that can be made with the idea of giving something a “shot” makes this a far more humorous potential gift.

Packs of Gum

A pack of gum with a customized label is kind of the perfect wedding favor – have them in a basket before the ceremony and your guests will be able to refresh their breath throughout the day and far into the night. After the big day, they can easily keep the gum in their purse or desk to use practically throughout the weeks or months afterwards. If you don’t care about the longevity of your gift, packs of gum with customized packaging is a great wedding favor.

Wedding-Themed Playing Cards

Having a deck of cards on hand is great when you’re hanging out with friends or on a vacation – they’re easily portable and endlessly versatile. Wedding-themed decks with a personalized package make a great favor that will see use over and over. Not to mention that, if you put the favors on the tables before your reception, your guests will be able to play some fun card games while waiting for the dinner to be served and they can serve as a great icebreaker if you have tables with strangers at them.

Personalized Pens

Everyone needs to have a pen on hand to write down important information while on the phone or jot down a shopping list. Personalized pens with the date of your wedding make for a simple and practical wedding favor. With the large number of companies dedicated to making promotional pens, this is also an easy gift to buy in bulk for a large wedding and will likely not be a large item on your wedding budget.

Wedding Snacks

Popcorn, candy, mixed nuts – there are so many options when it comes to snacks that you can give away as wedding favors. There are a number of ways to get cute customized bags, and then you can fill them on the cheap with snacks that you buy separately in bulk. Whether your guests are craving a snack at the end of the drunken night or need a quick bite before their flight home, giving snacks as favors is sure to be appreciated. Your guests also won’t have to worry about carrying them in their luggage if they’ve come over a long distance.

Mini Bottles – Of Practically Anything!

In a similar vein to wedding snacks, mini jars and bottles of various food, drinks, and condiments are sure to be a hit with your guests and can easily be customized with a simple tag. If you have a family and friend group that loves to party, mini bottles of wine, champagne, or shots are sure to be appreciated. If you and your new spouse are foodies, mini bottles of olive oil or small jars of salsa can make for a unique touch. These favors are sure to get used at some point and will be remembered for far longer than a mug that takes up significant cupboard space.

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