Top Ways Mobile Apps Can Solve Parking Problems

Mobile apps have resolved many problems in human lives and helped various industries to thrive by assisting them in improving the customer experience and retention rates. Thanks to mobile apps, most of the chores can now be done from the luxury of our comfort zone. Today mobile apps offer a range of services, and more industries are joining this trend of app development, thereby expanding the horizon of the services provided by mobile apps. One such trend is parking app development; this app helps control traffic around parking areas and allows people to park their vehicles by finding vacant slots effortlessly. Finding a parking spot is always a very challenging task and especially on weekends and during festivals. Many developers are looking forward to mobile app development for traffic control and especially for solving vehicle parking problems.

In the busiest states like California and New York, which are also among the most populous federal states of the United States, every operation depends on time and is considered equivalent to money. According to USA Today, New York and Los Angeles topped the list of cities with the highest number of hours spent annually on searching parking spots by reporting 107 and 85 hrs per year, respectively. Parking app development can help solve this problem faced by citizens to a large extent. In this post, we will be learning more about parking apps and how they are helping drivers and vehicle owners solve parking problems. Let’s move forward and learn how mobile apps are expanding their horizon and helping in traffic and parking control.

#1 Easy to spot parking slot

As the number of vehicles per household keeps increasing, the parking problem is becoming worse day after day, according to Next Parking Lot. According to Statista, on average, there were on average 1.88 vehicles per U.S. household in the year 2017. Moreover, California listed the highest number of automobile registrations in 2019 by reporting around 15 million vehicle registrations. The state also reported the highest number of overall registered vehicles by recording 30 million overall registrations. When we compare this data with California’s population of 39.51 million people it’s not hard to imagine how worse the parking problem can become during the peak days.

Using dedicated mobile apps, the aggravating parking problems with an increase in vehicle registrations can be solved to a great extent. Today almost all leading parking facilities in the USA, whether private or government, offer dedicated mobile parking apps. Drivers can search for the nearest vacant parking using these apps without having to visit one to check the vacancy. This helps reduce chaos and traffic congestion at parking facilities and helps drivers easily park their vehicles. 

#2 Pre-book the parking spot 

Pre-Booking is one of the essential benefits of mobile parking apps; using this feature, you can easily pre-book the parking slot in any parking facility. Depending on the period for which the drivers want to park the vehicles, pre-booking can be made well in advance for days and even months. There are various parking apps available on the app stores; some are dedicated brand apps representing a particular parking facility. Simultaneously, some apps represent all the parking facilities owned by different organizations in one place. These kind of apps help you to choose from a range of service providers or parking facilities, along with a provision to compare their proximity and the fares. The facility for pre-booking parking slots is a must and an essential feature that app developers need to design in every parking app development.

#3 Helps save time and money 

According to INRIX, in New York City, the most populous and hardest-hit U.S. city, drivers spend 107 hours annually finding a parking spot. Furthermore, considering the wasted time, fuel, and emissions, $2243 is spent by a driver every year, totaling around $4.3 billion for the whole of New York City. When it comes to the entire country, the U.S. spends $73 Billion a year finding parking spots. These losses in terms of money and wasted time can be very well reduced using parking apps. 

Parking apps make it easy to spot the nearest parking facilities, and thanks to the integrated GPS APIs navigating the route to the facilities also becomes effortless. Moreover, parking apps cut costs by helping you pre-book the right parking spot without having to wander, wasting fuel and money. These apps also offer discounts on monthly and yearly packages that can make parking more pocket-friendly. SpotHero, Parker, Parkwhiz, Parkopedia, and Honk are some of the well-known and highly used parking apps. App development service seekers must check the list of top mobile app development companies cataloged by GoodFirms to find the right service provider matching your needs. 

#4 Better customer experience 

Customer experience is the biggest concern for every industry, and so for the parking industry. Private parking facilities can boost their reputation and occupancy by providing effortless parking services to the customers via dedicated apps. As discussed above, parking apps help save time and money by a great deal for the drivers by providing them facilities such as pre-booking of parking spots, easy navigation, pocket-friendly packages, and much more. All of these facilities help drivers park their vehicles without any hassle, even during the busiest hours. This allows people to travel and visit their favorite places without worrying about parking hence improving the parking experience. Parking apps help private facilities boost their occupancy by figuring better deals and practices to make the parking experience better for the customers and, hence, the overall customer experience. 

To Conclude

Parking is becoming a massive problem for developed and developing countries with an increase in the population. Hence, the government and private organizations have been working for years to tackle this problem. Parking apps have arisen as the best means to resolve the issue of parking. They help save time and money by enabling drivers to effortlessly find parking slots in any facility of their choice in a lesser time. Moreover, these apps also navigate drivers to reach these facilities. Parking apps often offer pocket-friendly parking packages. Hence, along with mitigating extra costs spent searching for parking spots, they also help customers save money by offering best discounts and offers in parking packages.

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