Top Tips for a Successful Relationship

No matter how strong, successful and independent we are, we are still a baby to our parents and our spiritual and emotional bond with our mother and father is very strong, according to So if you make friends with the parents of your loved one and get them to take your side, you will have two great allies pushing their son to marry you without knowing it. According to, it does not matter how old the man you love is. Moreover, young people want to be free and enjoy their freedom, so they pay less attention to their parents’ advice, while this is the opposite for men in their 30s and 40s for whom their father’s advice can be critical for their decision to marry you.

To get your future in-laws to like you (advice here), you do not have to be an expert in psychology, an actress, or a magic practitioner with expert knowledge of how to cast a white love spell. The game you will need to play is easy. You should push certain buttons in the heart of your future mother and father-in-law and they are most likely to like you and take your side.

Let us begin with your loved one’s father as it is easier to make a good first impression on him rather than on his wife, your future mother-in-low. He does not really care if his son will be happy with his wife. When he looks at you, he does not think of you as a new family member. He looks at you like a man looks at a woman. So you should know how to get him to like you.

Let us assume he is in his 50s or 60s and he is used to the fact women are no longer interested in him. He stopped being a macho a while ago. Thus, all you need to do when you see your boyfriend’s father for the first time is letting him know you like him and find him rather attractive. Talk to him not like a daughter or someone who wants to make a good impression. Talk to him like a woman. At the same time, make sure you are not sending the wrong message. Remember that you are talking to a person who should become your friend, so you should treat him as a friend, too. If you do it
right, he will be happy to be your friend accepting your friendship with no white magic love spell being cast (it is a joke of course).

Secondly, do not idolize your boyfriend. Remember that no matter how much his father loves him, he is still competing with him, consciously or subconsciously, as every man wants to be the only alfa male. So try not to show it to your future father-in-law that you are insanely in love with his son and consider him the best man in the world. To prove that he is better, he will try to make fun of his son. Even if you do not like the jokes, pretend that you do. If you can, tell a couple of funny stories about your loved one,

But be careful as it is very easy to cross that line and seem to be rude and disrespectful. As you know, what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull. If you joke too much about your boyfriend, his parents may think you do not really love him. And you have to show the opposite despite everything mentioned above. That way, your future father-in-law will adore you. This will make your loved one love you even more as it influences men as much as a strong spell of white magic for love. Statistically, your potential mother-in-law will accept you as her son’s wife after you have lived together with your loved one for two or three years, which is understandable because every mother wants to be sure her son is happy with the woman he marries. So she will watch you and analyze everything you say and do. She will look for signs of future trouble, such as your infidelity, your bad tempter, etc. If she finds any, she will do everything she can to convince her son you are not good enough for him.

To get her to like you, you should remember that subconsciously she wants her son to be with a woman who will take good care of him and be his faithful rather than passionate lover. She is not analyzing you as a potential mother to her grandchildren. She hopes to see the kind of woman in you she can trust with taking care of her son.

So to make a great first impression on her, be as caring and attentive as you can as mother know you will be the one bringing breakfast in bed for her son and not the other way around. That way, you will score 60 out of 100 points needed to win her heart and get her on your side. Do not joke about your loved one when she is around, even if it is really funny. Do not act as if under the influence of one of the Wicca white magic love spells. Do not do that! You should have more important things to worry about than some girls you are jealous of. When your future mother-in-law is around, your top priorities should be knowing her son is not hungry and wears weather appropriate clothes. You should worry not only about his comfort but also about his health, daily routine, diet, and of course his career.

Be careful with the last one, his career. Remember that to you his career is an opportunity for him to reach his potential and become happy. Do not try to discuss his salary and the fact that once he gets a raise you will buy a house, go on vacation, or get a new car. Otherwise, you will be taken for a golddigger. Once it happens, it will be very difficult to change the opinion of your future mother-in-law about you.

As for the other relatives, their opinion is not that important. Well, you should still do your best to make a good impression and be friendly and open ad kind. Remember that the strategy offered to you is not a white magic true love spell but it is still good enough to make your boyfriend’s parents to like you.

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