Top Three Principles to Find A Crystal Table Lamp

crystal table lamp

Currently, there are various bedside lamps. Undoubtedly, when we choose a crystal table lamp, we pay much attention to its appearance, as well as the overall matching effect. Therefore, the crystal column table lamp is growing in popularity in home decoration. Among all those various unique bedside lamps, how can you choose a perfect one? The following gives you a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge of crystal table lamp purchase. For other ideas, check out this article.

Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal table lamp has changed from simple lighting to general lighting and decorative functions. Consumption trends have brought about a great variety of crystal table lamps on the market, such as modern crystal column table lamps, European crystal column table lamps, candle crystal column table lamps, strange crystal column table lamps and so forth.

Principle One: Crystal Lamp Body Selection

Crystal is indispensable for home decoration, giving people a sense of elegance. The crystal polishing technology is more advanced, the brighter cutting surfaces it has. The crystal is more transparent, the higher the refractive index, the better luminous effect of the table lamp. Nowadays, crystal table lamps keep evolving and have a more beautiful appearance and softer light, creating a pleasant atmosphere for living and reading.

Principle Two: Lampshade Selection

When purchasing crystal column table lamps, we should first look at the quality of the lamps. Lampshades are usually made of linen, while brackets are typically made of metal. Take a long look at the lampshade, to check whether the transmittance is high enough. Besides, the style and the color should match the overall style of the room. You should also take into consideration of corrosion resistance of metals, color and luster. Those are critical indicators to check the quality.

Principle Three: Lamp Design Selection

Crystal table lamp is more than just a primary lighting source in the room. It is commonly used as auxiliary lighting and decoration, installed at the bedside, in the hall, along the corridor and on the wall or pillars or other places, it is ractical and ornamental.

1. The size of lamps should be coordinated with the indoor area, the number of furniture and the size of furniture.

2. The style of lamps should be chosen on the basis of actual needs and personal preferences.

3. Choose the type of lamp according to the different functions of the rooms.

4. The color of lamps should match the environment.


Brilliant Home Group, founded in Hong Kong, China, manufactures top-of-the-line products of lighting for home decoration. As one of the high end lighting companies, it has more than 20 years of experience in lighting design, manufacturing, supply chain management, and export sales. Its crystal table lamps have been exported to Europe and America markets.

BRTL3101 is one of its top sellers, which features hand-made faceted carving craftsmanship. It comes in three sizes, namely XS, S, L, suitable for different scenarios. It could be used in home, hotel for decoration. The unique cutting process also makes it a safe and nice-looking crystal table lamp. Certifications of CE\SAA\SASO\ROHS can speak for its superior quality. With three sizes and colors, you could easily select the one that can extraordinarily go with your room design.

It’s now the high time for you to rethink your room decoration and make full use of the crystal table lamp to blow your mind. Brilliant would be the right choice for you.

Looking for one of these lamps, see Tabele lamps from John Lewis are also worth considering.

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