Top Reasons Why People Use LoL Smurf Accounts

league of legends smurf accounts
Source - Gamepedia

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games out there today. It has a popular fan base that are always striving to be better players and improve their ranking.

One way that players are trying to improve their ranking is with a smurf account. What is a smurf account? This is simply when you buy a League of Legends account that is already ranked for you.

While it isn’t technically allowed, it isn’t outright banned by Riot so it has become very popular. Buying LoL accounts at UnrankedSmurfs and other sites is a great way to get the most out of your gaming experience for many reasons.

In this article, I will go over some of the reasons you may want to use a smurf.

Streaming on a Different Account

If you are Youtube streamer or a media influencer, then you may not want to use your main account. There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first reason is the entertainment factor. When you are streaming, you need to put on a show for your audience. That means taking risks, trying out some wild tactics and generally looking to cause some controversy.

And if things don’t go according to plan, then you could lose your ranking. Better to do this with a smurf account that you don’t mind if the ranking suffers if your fans like what you’re doing.

Another reason is that if you are streaming with your main account, you will never game in peace again. It is a good way to stay anonymous so you can play for real and none of your fans (or enemies) will know it’s you. Then when you feel like playing for fun or to boost your ranking, you can use your other account.

Great Way to Practice

To get better at your game, you have to practice. This involves trying out some new tactics and strategies. If you use your main account, then these new tactics may not work out and then you could lose your rankings.

When you use your smurf account, you can try out new things with no risk. Try out some new ideas that may or may not work out. If it works out alright then you can then use those new techniques on your main account.

Why not play a normal game instead of using a smurf in a ranked game? People don’t really try that hard to play well in those games, so you won’t face many challenges. In a ranked game, people take it more seriously and you’ll face stiffer competition you can learn from.

Play with Friends

I would say that just about every player out there has some friends that are just getting into LoL. And they want you to play with them. But, you don’t want to play with guys that are not very good when using your ranked account.

You can use your smurf to play with them until the point that they improve enough to keep up with your ranked account.

Another thing with playing with friends is that it is fun. When you are always playing ranked games, it can get a bit stressful as tensions run high. You are always on the verge of making a mistake or losing to a better player. When this happens it is time to take a break and play for the fun of it instead of to improve your ranking.

There is no fear of failure. No rage at losing your ranking and no feeling like you have to always be on your game.

Try Different Roles

Sometimes it is fun to try out some different roles and walk in somebody else’s shoes for a bit. With your champion on your main account, you are forced to play to its strengths and focus on the role you are relegated to.

When you pay a smurf account, you can choose any champion you like with any kind of role you feel like working on for a change.

This will also help improve your game on your main account as you can anticipate how others will react to a situation based on their role. For team play this is especially helpful.

There are also a lot more skins to choose from. It may be fun to use a different skin than the one you use on your main account just for something different.

Play in Different Regions

People in different parts of the world play differently. Maybe it’s because of differences in culture or maybe it is random. But, one thing people widely understand when it comes to LoL is that the Asia arena is much harder to play than the American.

By using your smurf account, you can change your region and play in different regions to see what you can learn from the experience. People tend to copy one another so if you are stuck in one region, chances are everybody is just doing variations of the same techniques.

When you are in a different region, you can get a few ideas on how to solve different problems by learning from others.

For Evil

Unfortunately, there are players out there who just love to ruin things for everybody else. For some twisted reason, they get satisfaction from making the game unplayable for others or to destroy new players who are still learning.

For them, the use of a smurf is a way to do this without bringing negative attention to their main account. Since high elo players can’t go down levels and play less experienced players, they have to use a smurf to do this.

Hopefully you aren’t one of those players that does this as it is against the whole ethos of gaming. Gaming should be inclusive and players should be propping each other up and not pulling others down.


Smurfin has a bit of a bad name, mainly because of the last point and is somewhat controversial. Hopefully you see that smurfing is not bad and has a lot of benefits.

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