Top Five Compliments a Girls Wants to Hear from a Guy

Compliments a Girls Wants to Hear from a Guy

Since Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s marriage in 2017, Virushka has been the talk of the town. Their sweet romance and PDA on the instagram tugs at everyone’s heartstrings. The current comment that Virat Kohli ( has left on Anushka’s instagram post will leave you aww-ing! Recently, Anushka posted a black and white picture on her instagram flaunting her short hair, looking gorgeous as ever and having a hearty laugh. She captioned the picture as, ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’ She also cited the quote to be Audrey Hepburn’s. At this the lover boy Kohli commented, ‘You are always the prettiest, my love.’ Well, isn’t that the most appropriate, most romantic thing a guy can say to a girl in response to her picture. Well, guys, you have to understand that girls love compliments like these. Even if your girl is grumpy, you must know that a honest, sweet, loving compliment can fix her mood. Read below to know the top 5 compliments that most girls want to hear from their loved ones!

1. ‘You Look So Beautiful! Did You Style Your Hair Differently?’

The hair thing is just an example. Girls want you to pay attention to them, says EliteDaily, not just check them out and say cursorily that ‘oh, you look hot!’ or ‘you look sexy!’ Point out what is it that makes her more gorgeous than usual. It is not something to be mocked, if your girl likes to dress up, appreciate it.

2. ‘You Do Everything So Well!’

Well, contrary to popular belief, girls like to be complimented on things other than their looks, according to Have you ever thought how easy things are in your life because your girlfriend helps you in your works? I am sure you have! Tell her that once in a while especially when she is feeling low.

3. ‘I Am So Proud Of You!’

When the society tries to put her down in every way, the girl wants nothing more than her partner to be supportive and encouraging. You need to understand that your girlfriend does not have the structural power that you have as a man, you need to encourage her when she is feeling less confident. When she achieves something tell her how proud you are and when she fails, tell her that too to remind how fantastic she is!

4. ‘I Learn So Much From You!’

Without your girlfriend, life would be much harder, isn’t it? She has, by scolding you or by praising you, taught you to be self-reliant, and courageous among other things, isn’t it? Tell her that being with her make you learn and grow as a human being.

5. ‘You Have a Great Sense of Humour!’

Appreciate her attempts to cheer you up. Girls love to be humorous and quirky and you may be one of those few people in front of whom she sheds her serious demeanor and can be funny! Tell her how she makes you laugh so much!

There you go! Not so hard to please the girl, is it? If you are a girl, you may want to return the compliments with some for men in return (ideas here)

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