Top 7 Shoe Brands You Need to Know About in 2019

Shoe Brands You Need to Know About in 2019

It’s time to throw out last year’s shoes and start new.

Do you feel like the shoes in your closet are getting more dated with each passing year? You wouldn’t be wrong. 

Shoe trends are constantly changing. What seemed cool last fall isn’t going to be trendy again for another 10 years, and that pair you gave away in 2016 might look eerily similar to the hottest trend next year.

The point is, it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, we’re here to give you a hand. Today, we’re going to be going over some of the top shoe brands of 2019. If you want to stay on top of trends, keep reading.

Top Shoe Brands of 2019

There’s a lot of mainstay brands that are doing something new, and a few newcomers that are revolutionizing the shoe game. It’s been all about sneakers this year, but there are a few loyal luxury shoe buyers keeping other companies in the mix.

1. Vans

Vans continues to be the go-to sneaker brand for skaters and other extreme sports lifestyle enthusiasts. What’s different now is that we’re seeing a lot of celebs wearing them out and about, so they’re not just for the punks anymore.

Their leisurely canvas slip-ons are not only comfortable, but they’re cheap, and they look good with pretty much anything. If you don’t have a pair of Vans in 2019, you’re missing something.

2. Aldo

An unlikely hero in the shoe world actually comes out of Canada. Aldo has been a Canadian mall staple for decades now, but they’ve inched their way into the worldwide market to become one of the most popular shoe brands out there.

What makes Aldo so great is their versatility. If you want into an Aldo, you can walk out with a stylish pair of sneakers, loafers, boots, or slips.

3. New Balance

New Balance, formed in 1906, has had a long road to becoming one of the biggest and best athletic brands in the world. Before they were the company behind Kawhi Leonard, they were more associated with cricket and tennis.

Now that they’re more mainstream, you’ll often see athletes and actors wearing NB’s around on the court or on the screen. They look great, and they’re comfortable.

4. Miu Miu

Italian brand Miu Miu is actually a subsidiary of Prada. They make flashy high-end sneakers that have been sported by female celebrities all around the world. It’s a fun, sporty, and surprisingly elegant look that allows you to show off your personality a little bit.

5. Puma

Puma isn’t just for football players (aka soccer players) anymore. This German-based athletic and lifestyle brand is currently having its heyday. For years, they’ve been making stylish cleats and leisure shoes for soccer players. This has made it one of the biggest lifestyle brands in Europe.

They’ve become one of the biggest lifestyle brands in the world with their incredible suede basketball shoes. They took what worked with their soccer shoes, and guess what? They made it work with basketball shoes in America too.

6. Gucci 

Gucci is known for being one of the biggest and most influential clothing and shoe brands in the world. Lately, they’ve put their talents to work in the sneaker world, creating luxury styles that models and celebrities are routinely seen wearing out.

You’ve got to have a bit of money in the bank to shop at a Gucci store, but Ssense has a curated Gucci sneakers collection on their page that you should peruse.

7. Nike

What would a shoe brand list be without mentioning Nike?

Nike is undoubtedly the longest-running and most powerful athletic brands in the world. It’s almost impossible to look in a teenager’s closet and not find any Jordans. Heck, it’s almost impossible to look in any grown up’s closet and not find Jordans.

They’re known for being the go-to label for pretty much every sport worldwide. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you’ve probably got a pair of Nikes kicking around somewhere. The best thing is, they’ll never ever go out of style.

A Little Bit of Everything

Your closet wouldn’t be complete without something from all of these top shoe brands. What they have in common is that they’re all forward-thinking, always looking at the next big trend. Because of this, they’ve got loyal customers that’ll stick with them through thick and thin.

Don’t settle for last year’s shoes. Buy from these top shoe brands in 2019.

If you found this post helpful, come back and visit us for more on celebrity fashion and the latest trends.



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