Top 6 Home Appliances You Need in Your Kitchen

kitchen appliances

Cooking meals is much more fun when you have the right appliances in your kitchen. They can help save time and make preparing meals a breezing when you are cooking for your family or friends.

Here are the top six kitchen appliances everyone needs to have in their kitchen. My selection is based on the frequency of use, time management, and the effectiveness of these appliances in making your life easier.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, these appliances should be on your list of must-haves…

Microwave Oven

With the microwave, food can be quickly heated up and ready to serve in a few minutes. The microwave also reduces waiting time when you need to thaw frozen foods, since it can help you defrost foodstuffs very quickly. See advantages of a microwave here.

Food Processor

This kitchen appliance is a must-have; without a doubt. Food processors have different sizes of blades that can chop and process all kinds of foods in seconds. Food processors can be used for vegetables, fruits, and herbs to spice up your meals. See here why they are so useful –

Coffee Maker

For the love of coffee, it will be a shame to spend more time than necessary making your favorite cup. This is why a coffee maker is a must; there are even models of this kitchen appliance that can be pre-programmed to make your coffee at a particular time set by you. This means you can always wake up to freshly brewed coffee each day!


If you have to fry foods frequently, a fryer is a great choice. There are different models of fryers, and they have varying capacities, so your choice will depend on how much cooking you need to do. Fryers can shorten meal preparation times.

Pressure Cookers

Tough meat cuts and other foods can be quickly cooked to become tender by using a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is a versatile piece of equipment, since you can cook foods by steaming, boiling, browning, poaching, and stewing.

Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is another excellent kitchen appliance that helps improve your experience when cooking meals. Some foods cook faster than others, and this is why a slow cooker is so useful. If you always multitask in the kitchen, this is the appliance for you!

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