Top 5 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Channel Audience

To begin with, YouTube plays an essential role in today’s youth. Today, you will find that every person is using YouTube. No matter how old or how young they are. And as YouTube is so popular today, many people can show their talent through their YouTube channel. However, today many people are owning YouTube channels, so it has become a tough competition for you. So, you might be facing some issues attracting your audience. Luckily, we have brought you 5 ways to Increase your YouTube channel audience. Here are as follow:

1) Building A Relationship With Your Viewers:

Your Audience is the key to your success along with your talent. So, you must have a good relationship with your viewers. Engaging with your audience is another term for building relationships. When you engage with your audience you build a relationship. As a result, your audience will await other upcoming events of yours. They will care about your brand. When you have a relationship with your audience they will likely subscribe to your YouTube channel. In addition to that, they may also share your YouTube videos with their friends. As a result, the chances of increasing the audience at your channel will increase too. You can build this relationship using certain ways. Such as, firstly you can reply to the comments on your videos. You should make sure that your replies are polite and sweet. When you reply to a comment the person will know that you are engaging with him or her. Secondly, you can run a contest for your audience. When you have a contest on your YouTube channel, people will connect more. People will indulge and participate thus you will have more audience on your channel and on your videos too.

2) Create Playlists on your YouTube Channel:

For example, imagine a person watching one of your videos. Now when the video will be over the next video will start soon. So, when you create a playlist, the person will continue watching your videos rather than switching to the other video of another channel. The person can watch your videos continuously if you create a playlist of your videos. You can easily insert playlists and post them on your channel. In addition to that, you can also share it with some people or users to increase the number of views of each playlist. Now, your playlist should contain relevant content videos. For example, if your channel is about food. So, if you are making a playlist of non veg food, you should make sure that only non veg food-related content videos are added to that playlist. Making each playlist unique is what you need to do. You should make sure that when your playlist is played it has a proper flow and relevancy on your channel. This will help you increase the audience on your YouTube channel and videos. These orders of videos in your playlist will help your audience to understand your content better. With a proper order, your audience can enjoy and entertain themselves by watching your video. And when your audience will love the order sequence of your videos they will likely share it and this will get you more audience. 

3) Buying YouTube Subscribers:

If you are a beginner and just started your YouTube channel, buying subscribers is the right choice for you. This is mainly because, when you have a large number of subscribers you will eventually have more audience on your YouTube channel. Having a large number of subscribers will improve the reputation of your channel. As a result, many people will watch your videos and you will get views from audiences. Having a good number of subscribers also increases the ranking on YouTube. According to Google’s reaction, YouTube is being used by many people as a search engine. So, it is clear that if your YouTube channel’s ranking is good, your videos will show up most. When your video is shown up top, more people will visit your video and watch it. In addition to that, they will also visit your channel. Your channel will be visible to more audiences when it has a better ranking. Also, you will find many people buying subscribers so it does not cost that much. You can easily find such services available on the internet. However, you need to use a proper service and not hire some third party services. Along with buying subscribers from, you can also work in some other ways. But buying subscribers is the first thing you should do for increasing your audience on your YouTube channel.

4) Share Your Videos or Find Niche Communities to Share Your Video With:

YouTube is widely used. So, it is obvious that your video can reach any part of your world. However, the best way to flaunt your talent videos is by sharing them on social apps or sites. Social media has been a great platform where people, places, businesses, and videos or posts have been famous. So, when you share your videos, it promotes your channel on social media. Thus, leading to attracting more audience. Now, you will find a wide variety of places where you can easily post your content videos. You will find many and various subreddits on Reddit and Quora topics. These might be relevant to your content videos and interests. Thus sharing target audiences will be a great place to share your video, as it will result in increasing the audience of your YouTube channel. Also, many other places are especially for sharing your YouTube content videos. Lastly, you can share your video content with influencers. Many brands often share their products through influencers. This is mainly because the influencers have a huge number of following and people are interested in them. Thus, when you share your videos with influencers, their following will see it. And this will increase your chances of getting more audience compared to usual. Thus, make sure that your videos are shared as much as possible.

5) Keeping Your Videos Short and Interesting:

To begin with, before there were fewer YouTube channels so there were more chances that your video was visible to many people. But today, there are many YouTube channels and thus, this resulted in increased competition for you. Today, if a person is searching for some particular video he will likely get too many videos on that content. So, it has become necessary for you to make your videos interesting. One way to make your video interesting is to keep it short. When your videos are long it will take the mind off of your audience. Your viewers may switch to some other video leaving your video. So, the first step you should do is make small videos. However, when you make a small video, make sure that it covers the content. Your main aim should be that your video is small and it is covering your content. Also, you can make your videos interesting with some jokes, facts, or anything that will catch the audience your content needs. When your video is interesting people will like it more, and thus it may result in attracting more audience, as your viewers will share your video. Lastly, you should tell your audience to like, comment or share. This will increase the engagement of you and your audience. 



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