Top 5 Scheduling Software Tools for Small Businesses to Network Efficiently

networking in business

Conferences and appointments are important to every growing business. To do so, you need a convenient way to access your customer base and communicate with them. That’s where an effective scheduling app will save you loads of time while making you more trustable to prospective customers.

To initiate, you will need an all comprising software application. There are certain scheduling and calendar apps which provide tools for project management , team coordination, gaining customer bookings, scheduling and more. 

There are many options but not all are equally valuable. Just be sure to check for the key features that must come with every successful solution when choosing the right app for your needs. Here are the top 4 options from our recommendation.

1. Meeting Tool, Calendly

Calendly has a simple design and relies primarily on Google to register. As with many other available scheduling apps, this one synchronizes with your Google Calendar. It enables you to accept invitations for meetings instead of allowing only the saved contacts to take the free slot. The appointment is added to the guest’s Google or Outlook calendar if you accept an invitation to their meeting to keep records. This is one of their improved features.

Calendly takes care of the meetings and provides the flexibility to arrange it on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs and time-slots available. This will not affect your default New Meetings settings. The software does a good job of arranging meetings within a company or members from various departments and also helps you to exchange custom event ties with your customers.

2. Email Tool, Agile 

Agile CRM is a feature-rich system software with highly integrated distribution support, digital marketing automation, and modules for customers. Agile’s online scheduling tools are a real bonus for advertising your businesses as it enables representatives to link their calendar to prospectives to allow them to access available time slots to schedule them as per their own ease. In its email marketing tool, the calendar can be incorporated in campaign emails or directly in your address book, which ensures it is still readily available to customers and prospects alike.

Since scheduling features are embedded into Agile CRM, all of your appointments are traced all the way back to the contact record of the person you meet along with the other encounters they have had with your company and are documented on a chronological timeline that is easy to see.

3. Automated Reminder Tool, TimeTap

TimeTap is the scheduling software for meetings for smaller companies. With this useful tool, suppliers and appointment-based enterprises can run better and more efficiently. It has mailing lists and can automatically identify time zones to send reminders, so reminders for confirmation are automatically sent out. Online  reminders means connectivity to business teams 24/7, which makes it simple for the small businessman and accessible for customers. 

A need to go through texts and calls from clients often becomes excessive, so through this way, the saved time can be consumed on more important tasks. It’s integrated into Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, Office 365 and Live Exchange. Certain apps include custom scheduling forms, multiple work schedules, countless meetings with customers, and more.

4. Quick Transaction Tool, SetMore

For business owners,  organizations and NGOs, Setmore provides comprehensive online scheduling solutions. It can streamline a variety of processes including payments, online booking, scheduling, and customer interaction. Additionally, the software is preloaded with administrative features that are easy to use and improves operational efficiencies. In addition, Clients can make appointments via social media platforms , including Facebook. 

It facilitates easy convergence with both Facebook and the website. Despite that, its high performance credit card processing feature allows for rapid card transactions. This application also offers text alerts (in case of internet inaccessibility) to hold back users from missing an appointment.

The businesses schedule hundreds of meetings in a month so if you are someone who  knows how to utilize online scheduling, then it is for you. However, there are plenty of choices on the platform which you can easily understand and make use of. The resources discussed here will give you a better insight for your time investment.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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