Top 5 Reasons Why Choose Forest City as Your Dream House

forest city development

The decision by urban dwellers to buy properties in metro areas is based on the value derived from living in well-planned and sustainable cities. These kinds of cities not only provide modern conveniences and benefits, but also promote wellness, boost productivity, and ensure optimal health. They are created in innovative ways that guarantee high-quality living for present dwellers and generations to come. 

If you are looking for a place to live in, you will find in this article 5 great reasons to choose Forest City:


The Forest City housing project takes the natural environment as a part of its design that respects and protects nature.

The living area is surrounded by a large number of green trees, and the ornament of green space and lakes makes Forest City more environmental-friendly. Green trees and green space can purify the air to the greatest extent, and avoid harmful substances such as haze and dust from damaging physical and mental health.

Forest city is a natural thermostat. Warm winter and cool summer are no longer your luxury imagination. Pure natural green vegetation will automatically adjust the temperature around it, which has provided a comfortable and livable environment.


Closely connected transportation network and convenient facilities are one of the essential manifestations of livable Forest City.

Forest City residential area is like a developed small city with complete entertainment facilities, medical equipment, educational resources, etc. You can enjoy that cinemas, hospitals and schools are in front of your home here.

Besides, the main traffic lines in the area are closely connected, and clear road signs make your journey unimpeded without navigation.

Diverse Lifestyle

Living in a state-of-the-art city is perfect, and Forest City offers a variety of progressive lifestyle choices.

At weekends, you can choose to go to a nearby gym for exercise or go to a bar to revel in order to release your tiredness at work. You can even go to world-class restaurants of different styles with friends, or go to the largest shopping center with your family.

You can always find your favorite lifestyle in Forest City.


Butler Service

Forest City provides a variety of 24-hour special services according to the needs of each customer.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to find a moving team or run out of your way for the loss of your keys because the service team in Forest City will fix you.

Future Development

An essential aspect of well-planned development is to inject cutting-edge design so that people can live in a place that can more effectively respond to the changing needs of modern society.

Forest cities have future centered homes and buildings, as well as social facilities and infrastructure based on innovative technologies.

Get Your Dream Home At Forest City 

Forest City, a joint venture project undertaken by Country Garden and the Malaysian government. It was considered as a green, eco-friendly contemporary city where innovated technologies and natural environment could be merged. Here, you will find the most original ecological system and the most modernized facilities are combined perfectly, which offer an idyllic and dwell-oriented place to residents. What is more, Forest City issued a preferential policy which encourages industries to be part of our dynamic community.

forest city interior of property

Forest City is located in a superior location that enables it to attract outstanding strategic partners within a short time. The economic growth of the region will continue to expand significantly as Forest City continues as the region’s economic growth by attracting opportunities from Singapore. As an exclusive economic zone within the Iskandar special economic zone, Forest City Johor is the gateway that connects Singapore and Malaysia.



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