Top 5 Evidence-Based Ways of Losing Weight Effectively

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and half-truths around the weightloss industry. Often, people are advised to follow weight loss approaches without any scientific evidence behind them. 

A good example of this failed attempt is the hundreds, possibly thousands, of fad diets offered today that promise rapid weight loss, only to leave you  feeling deprived and hungry. Even worse, the extra pounds start crawling back as soon as you are off the diet. 

It would be best to shed those pounds slowly to ensure that you have a long-term and permanent effect. And many professionals agree that losing 

The secret is making simple changes to your lifestyle that enable you to lose one pound of fat per week. This is equivalent to losing 500 calories daily through exercise and dietary modifications.

Here are some of the things you can do to achieve your target.

  1. NAD+ For Weight Loss 

Metabolism and NAD are closely related. NAD is the second most critical metabolic cofactors in our bodies and is responsible for most metabolic reactions. 

Boosting your NAD levels through NAD+ therapy can directly impact your metabolism and give you more energy to burn fat. It helps in two main ways:

Helps Burn Fat

Our bodies break down fat to get energy or fuel. However, burning this fat requires a lot of energy.  

That means you might lack the energy to break down the fat if the metabolism is depressed, which is common in senior citizens. Your metabolism becomes slowed down and makes you struggle to shed those pounds. 

NAD+ boosts your metabolism to help provide the fuel needed to burn excess fat in your body. 

Prevent Weight Gain 

Losing weight is one side of the battle of keeping your body in shape because you need to maintain that healthy body. Fat resurfaces in your body when you stop the exercise and dieting that burned it before. 

NAD+ helps boost your metabolism or the fat you burn when resting to help keep your body weight checked. has written a detailed guide on how you can use NAD+ IV therapy to lose weight. 

Eat Nutritionally Dense, Colorful, and Varied Foods

Healthful snacks and meals should be your foundation when trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. The most straightforward trick is developing a meal plan made of 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% proteins, and 25% whole grains. 

Your total fiber consumption per day should be between 25-30 grams. Minimize the number of saturated fats you take and get rid of trans fat from your meals. 

You can opt for other forms of unsaturated fats, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids or monounsaturated fatty acids. 

Below are some healthful foods to include in your menu:

  • Nuts 
  • Fish 
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits 
  • Seeds 
  • Legumes 
  • Whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice 

Here are the foods you should avoid:

  • Baked goods
  • Foods with added sugar, butter, and oils 
  • Bagels 
  • Processed or fatty red meats 
  • Processed foods 
  • White bread 

Removing some foods from your menu can lead to a deficiency of minerals and vitamins. It is advisable to consult your dietitian, nutritionist, or healthcare giver when developing your weight loss program. 

  1. Drink and Eat Plenty of Water

Choosing a healthy drink is a crucial part of losing weight while maintaining a balanced diet. Water is an affordable and healthy choice for hydrating your body and quenching your thirst.

It contains no sugars or calories that can harm your body and teeth. Fruit tea, coffee, and plain tea without added sugar can be a great alternative to water.

You can also decide to add a piece of lime or lemon to plain water if you do not like its taste. Another way is to heat the water and add some coffee, a teabag, or a piece of lemon. 

Drinking water can help deal with bloating and hydrate your body, but you should also eat high-water content foods. They include watermelon, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, grapes, cranberries, pineapple, and artichokes.

These foods contain diuretic properties that keep the body full because of their high fiber content. 

Water can boost your metabolism by 24-30% within 60-90 minutes and help you burn calories.

  1. Workout Regularly and Engage in Physical Activities 

Regular workout is critical for both mental and physical health. Increasing your physical workout frequency and activities in a purposeful and disciplined way is vital to effective weight loss.

Sixty minutes of moderate to intense activity daily, such as fast walking, is recommended. The alternative is to aim for at least 150 minutes per week if you cannot find an hour every day.

A person who is not physically active should start with slow activities and then increase the intensity gradually. It is the ideal way to ensure these exercises become part of your lifestyle. 

You should also keep track of your workout routine like you do when developing a diet plan. Many apps can help you track your progress to allow for a balance between food and workouts.

Here are some simple ways to start your physical regime:

  • Rake leaves around your compound 
  • Take the stairs to your office 
  • Walk your dog every day 
  • Do some gardening 
  • Engage in outdoor sports 
  • Park far away from your office or home 

Some people should seek medical check-up before they begin working out. You will reduce the risk of harming your body instead of enjoying the fruits of exercising.

  1. Get Good Sleep

Overnight rest or sleep is often underrated when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a healthy body. It is critical, just like working out or eating healthy.

Different studies have shown that poor sleep is one of the causes of obesity and increases the risk of being obese by 89% in children and 55% in adults

Final Words

Different techniques can help you to shed pounds and meet your goals. Some of the tips in our piece are dietary, involving drinking and eating healthy drinks and meals.

Others like exercising and improving your sleep pattern are lifestyle-based and can come in handy when maintaining a healthy body. We have also looked at NAD+ therapy, a technique that can help you shed those pounds by burning fat.  



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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