Top 5 Diving Spots in the UK

man scuba diving with a camera

Where do you fancy for your next under-water adventure holiday? Barbados, Hawaii, South East Asia….the UK? We think that Bali offers the best diving location – especially Dive Center Bali. But, if the UK isn’t on your list, you might be missing out on a treat. While we might not have eternally beautiful weather and exotic cocktails many dive spots in the UK offer an entirely different and unique experience to what you’re probably used to.

That said, UK diving does come with it’s own challenges and special requirements, especially when it comes to equipment. Your lightweight, super flexible wetsuit or shorty might be fine when it comes to warm water diving, but in the challenging conditions found on the northern tip of Scotland or the North-East, you’re going to need some specific cold-weather gear like a cold-water regulator and wetsuit.

1. Lundy Island, Devon

If you’re looking to take your first steps into diving around the UK and don’t want to go extreme, Devon should be among your first choice. With beautiful dives around the Lundy Island area, the coastline of Devon is teaming with life, from crabs and dogfish to curious Grey seals looking to make friends. 

The waters around Devon are typically a little warmer than those found further north which can make them a touch more appertising for apprehensive divers. Either way, they’re utterly fantastic.

2. Chalk Reef, Norfolk

Sometimes described as Britain’s Great Barrier Reef, Chalk Reef is a natural wonder of the world if there ever was one. Situated just 25ft under the surface, it’s a Marine Conservation zone and place of exceptional beauty. 

3. Farne Islands and Northumberland Coast,

The North-East coast is as beautiful as it is windy! With incredible and barely known beaches spanning up the cold, the North-east is somewhat of a treasure trove. Slightly further out lay unspoiled and exciting dives, though expect to be visited by the local seals who are always ready to have a dibble at your gloves!

4. The Manacles, Cornwall

While exceptionally beautiful, the Manacles offer more technical challenges than some divers expect. However, don’t let that put you off, the areas fantastic reefs are full of life and if you’re ready for the challenge, there are numerous, practically intact ships just waiting to be explored!

5. Scarpa Flo, Orkney

If you’re feeling a bit more daring, Scarpa Flo offers some genuinely extreme diving. Situated on the northernmost point of the British Isles, Orkneys Scarpa Flo is a wreck divers dream. 

11 scuttled battleships and destroyers litter the seabed making for some fascinating and eerie diving. Definitely one for the experienced diver! 

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