Top 5 Best Commercial Automatic Soap Dispenser Review in 2021

Countless experts make a comment that washing hands regularly is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading diseases, especially in the cold and flu season. Here is the situation that consumers are normally reluctant to touch the dirty or bacterial pumps of the soap dispenser to get soap in public toilets. Fortunately, the best automatic soap dispensers can help your customers avoid unnecessary confusion when using hand sanitizer. 

Compared with conventional soap dispensers, the biggest and most important advantage of automatic soap dispensers is that you can use them without actual touch, and the motion sensor inside can detect when your hand is under it. This eliminates contact points, which means fewer bacteria, longer cleaning of the surface, and lower cross-infection risk. 

As you are already here, please check our list for the best commercial automatic soap dispensers on the market today.

SVAVO automatic soap dispenser

The wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser OS-0410 is the latest single product of SVAVO. It is mainly designed for the public place where a large flow of people moves in and moves out because its 34 ounces capacity can be used for a long time, effectively reducing the frequency of filling hand sanitizer.

SVAVO automatic soap dispenser adopts white and black as the main color in design, which is simple and fashionable, catering to various modern decorative styles. Simultaneously, it does not occupy any space of the handwashing table as it can be wall-mounted. The transparent plastic tank and LED indicator light of the SVAVO automatic soap dispenser allow you to clearly see the residual situation of soap and the device’s operation status. They remind you when to refill the hand sanitizer and replace the battery that powers the device. It has to say that the large opening as one of its highlights gives you enough space to fill the hand sanitizer without worrying about pouring out of the container. 

Secura premium automatic soap dispenser

Secura premium automatic soap dispenser is quite similar to SVAVO soap dispenser in many aspects. For example, the Secura premium automatic soap dispenser is also powered by four AA batteries, can be wall-mounted to save space, and has a transparent shell to better learn about soap usage. However, it only has 17 ounces’ capacity, half of that of SVAVO.

There is a volume style dial beside the soap dispenser to set the amount of soap distribution so as to avoid the waste of soap. These are the highlights that make Secura’s premium automatic soap dispenser stand out, coupled with the attractive black body and nickel housing design. Unfortunately, it will show some disappointing performance in terms of durability and sensing function.

AIKE automatic soap dispenser

AIKE has been focusing on hand hygiene for 25 years, knowing where its client’s pain points are. And you will find this commercial automatic soap dispenser helpful besides possessing the common structural features of other automatic soap dispensers. 24 ounces’ capacity makes AIKE automatic soap dispensers fully capable of handling toilets in office buildings, schools, hospitals, stations, and other public places. Moreover, the 5 gears adjustable disperse from 0.5-2.5ml to set the perfect soap supply you need is what makes it different from others.

Although AIKE automatic soap dispenser has many coveted advantages, it needs six AA batteries to maintain its powerful power and requires glue or screws to hold it firmly to the wall.

Evhome automatic soap dispenser

Evhome is another kind of wall-mounted non-contact automatic soap dispenser, which can provide you with the best sanitary solution in your home or business. It has an LED indicator like SVAVO’s, which is green when working and red when off. What’s more, it features a safety lock hole at the top, which can adjust the supply of soaps to distribute in two types: 1ml and 1.5ml. Evhome automatic soap dispenser has a capacity of 21 ounces friendly to the commercial environment. However, it will be a little tricky to install it because you’ll need to drill holes to fit it to the wall.

Simplehuman touch-free sensor pump dispenser

Simplehuman touch-free sensor pump dispenser is famous for its convenience and easy to clean. It is one of the best-selling automatic soap dispensers on the market today. Compared with the soap dispensers mentioned above, the material of high-quality stainless steel and features a hidden charging port located in the hinged top for easy access let Simplehuman emerge as one of the best.

But it still has some inconveniences, such as the performance of the sensor is not satisfactory enough and Simplehuman touch-free sensor pump dispenser has a small capacity that only caters to family or office use.

Last thought

These are the best commercial automatic soap dispensers on the market after our comparison. Nowadays, health issues are of great concern no matter in home or business, which is why we need to use the best commercial automatic soap dispenser. Buy commercial automatic soap dispensers, such as SVAVO, Secura, and AIKE are the good choices on the list based on your needs and hand hygiene considerations for your customers or employees!



Ashley Macdonald
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