Top 3 Reasons for Cooperating With Perfume Packaging Suppliers in China

When it comes time to undertake our project to manufacture and sell perfumes, we have to take into account several aspects: product design, commercial image, costs, etc. A fundamental detail is the packaging because it’s our presentation to the customer. Still, the processes for design, development, and manufacturing are time-consuming, expensive, and limit a company that is just starting or with a tight budget. This is where perfume packaging suppliers in China become the salvation of your business.

Why in China?

It is no secret that this country is the Asian market leader even called “the factory of world” in terms of imports & exports of products. For their part, perfume packaging suppliers in China have developed an entire industry around wholesaling and became experts in this area. The entire production line and supply chain is very mature.  In other words, while if not easy for you to find a suitable supplier locally, perfume bottle supplier of Asian giant will solve all your commercial needs in record time.

In this article, you will discover three very important reasons to decide to contact perfume packaging suppliers in China:

  1. Low costs and zero additional worries.

Perfume business is your career or new adventure, right? You already have enough issues to worry about daily, such as suppliers of raw materials, necessary permits, research, and tests to create each perfume and a long etcetera. Imagine if you also had to deal with the manufacture of bottles! You would have to know about packaging design, suitable materials to make them (and where to find them at lower cost), buy the necessary machinery for manufacturing, hire more staff, rent bigger premises. The endless list will drive you crazy! If you process all the works by yourself, you will not save as much as you think because you increase expenses such as payroll, rent, and services. Therefore, it is a wise choice to have a perfume bottle manufacturer.

Suppose you decide to contact a perfume bottle local supplier. In that case, you have the advantage of less shipping costs, but most likely, they cannot manufacture custom bottles and guarantee you all the time when you are in need. This is why the cost per unit usually can be superior to what you can find in Asia. Perfume packaging suppliers in China can guarantee the quantity you need in the time you require and create your own bottle molds. All are without neglecting quality and with the lowest prices on the market because they control their process manufacturing and capacity.

  1. You don’t have to worry about customs clearance.

Perfume packaging suppliers in China are leaders in the import market to the rest of the world (especially Europe and America), so they know all the processes perfectly to send merchandise outside their borders. You can contact a perfume bottle supplier (you will need to speak basic English or have a translator) who will assist you without intermediaries and will be able to advise you on the necessary procedures to carry out your import successfully.

  1. Have the ability to offer you one-stop solutions

This is a very important advantage when considering perfume packaging suppliers in China to import your bottles. They can take care of the whole process, from the design of the bottle (in case you want something custom) and the box until the manufacture and shipment of the merchandise on time. You will also have the experience of the perfume bottle supplier in this market, they can advise you as to which presentation is more suitable for your perfume.

Your perfume deserves the best packaging

Creating and maintaining long-term cooperation with perfume packaging suppliers in China is the best decision to keep your business profitable without lowering quality. To get you off to a good start, we recommend Abely, the company that believes in a win-win relationship with their customers. They specialize in one-stop perfume packaging products. Abely has a wide catalog with hundreds of models to choose from: bottles, caps, boxes, and accessories (customized projects are acceptable). They apply strict quality control in all their operational processes. Every product goes through inspections like SGS, Asian inspection, etc. Besides, their designs are present in more than 30 countries and regions. Without a doubt, it is the best option to take your perfume start at a higher level.



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