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Logos rule the world of marketing. To get the logo that will catch the eyes of your potential customers, you will need to hire a logo designer; unless you are a designer yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses usually don’t have a budget for that. If you require a professional-looking logo but don’t have the money to hire a designer, you can use one of these three online logo makers to create a logo.

1. Hatchful

This is an online logo maker that produces great results. The process of creating a logo is uncomplicated and takes just a few minutes. At first, you need to choose the area of our business, then you are asked which style you prefer and finally, you need to write your business name and a slogan; the latter one is optional. Hatchful will present several logo templates designed specifically for your industry. After you pick one, you can customize it: tweak the layout, change the font, experiment with color combinations and hundreds of icons. When you’ve finished with the editing, download a logo package that includes images of different resolutions to suit your every need.  

2. Ucraft

With this online app, you will design your logo from scratch. Don’t feel intimidated just yet: there is a chatbot at the bottom of the screen ready to answer any of your questions. Ucraft offers over a million of various icons and allows you to undo or redo something as well as switch from a white background to a dark gray one. This logo maker has an uncluttered interface and can be used by a total novice in logo design. Although, note that the quality of the finished product depends entirely on your taste and skills. You can download a transparent PNG file as a free option, but you will need to pay around $10 for a high-resolution SVG file. If you want to have a little more control over the creative process, Ucraft is for you.

3. Canva

Sign up for Canva and look through their impressive collection of various templates or drag and drop different elements – shapes, lines, gradients, and icons – to create your own. Here you will find everything you need to create a professional-looking, eye-catching logo. This is a multi-purpose online app, hence there are a lot of different tools that you may not need if you are interested only in logo making.  On the other hand, you may utilize them later for other promoting purposes. It won’t take you a long time to master Canva and create a brand-new logo for yourself. This app is free, although some templates do cost extra. Also, you can download your logo in three of the following formats: PNG, PDF, and JPG. Canva has an app for smartphones, so you can design a logo on the go. 

There are many more options out there with ranging levels of difficulty and price points; these three logo-makers are only the tip of the iceberg. You don’t need to learn graphics design or have a big budget to have a memorable and versatile logo that will represent your brand. 

 If you want to add your logo to a photo or a video, you can use one of these following services:

Visual Watermark for Videos is an offline batch watermarking program available on Mac and Windows that works exclusively with videos. With the editing toolkit, you can change color, adjust the size and the level of transparency and rotate your logo. Apply one or two of 66 effects to spice up your logo. Visual Watermark for Videos does video processing using hardware encoding, so watermarking is done by your graphic card. As a result, your computer won’t be lagging, allowing you to use it, while your videos are being watermarked. 

Watermarkly is an online batch-watermarking app for photos. It saves your previously used templates, which can all be removed at once with a click of a “Remove Watermark” button. Watermarkly offers a great toolkit, that will help you customize your logo even further: pick a different color, change the size of your logo to fit it better into an image or apply one of 9 various effects. With a click of a button, you can remove black or white background from your logo.

Make Watermark is an online watermarking app for photos. You can upload your images and logos from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. All the necessary editing settings are positioned right next to your watermark. If you have images of different sizes and orientations in one batch, Make Watermark will automatically scale your logo and change its position to fit it perfectly onto your images. Also, it is possible change the size and position manually. This app offers a resizing feature as well. 

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