Top 3 Lapel Pins Uses for 2021

enamel pin

Phew, the year is almost over and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to put 2020 behind them as soon as possible! We look to the new year with hope and optimism that things will be better for each and every one of us. Trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel means sourcing new ways of being happy. We might still be looking inwards, as indoors, when thinking of new hobbies and distractions when 2021 begins so we put together a list of the coolest ways to use this trending trinket, custom enamel pins.

Maybe we should address why enamel pins are a thing. Well, really they are a premier type of collectible. These tiny tokens are customizable, beyond belief. Their small nature, portability and affordability means the versatility of making them truly awesome and the ability to showcase them wherever you may go. One might think they are relegated to the era our parents’ grew up in but that’s no longer the case. Don’t be surprised if your kids and their friends already own a bunch of them now that you know they exist. Now, onto the list!


Throw out those business cards and lanyards. Custom enamel pins with your company’s logo and information on them are factors more memorable. Create long lasting business relationships by putting “your best foot forward” with an out-of-the-box gift like custom pins. Become unforgettable with your own pins and see how your success skyrockets.


Spruce up your mundane shirts, backpacks, purses, jackets and hats with enamel pins! Everything you might possibly wear or carry is the perfect canvas ready to be adorned with flashy pins. Staying subtle with an American Flag pin on your suit works, yes, but going all out with your favorite memes, bands and hobbies emblazoned on a custom pin is even better.

Make Money

If you own a business or want to start one, consider a line of custom lapel pins as part of your merchandise offerings. The pins can serve the purpose of advertising your brand or be product representing a theme or niche. It’s never a bad thing to diversify your revenue streams and custom pins are a perfect way to do just that!

So now that you’re informed, go out there and put this list to action. Find custom lapel pins from your favorite retailers or online through sites like, Etsy and Amazon! Wear them with pride and see how it can elevate your game in all kinds of ways and places. Enhance your business or your personal style with a pin today.

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