Top 3 Hurricanes of All Time that Caused the Most Damage

Top 3 Hurricanes of All Time that Caused the Most Damage

When big storms hit, they can often cause billions of dollars-worth of damage. We thought we’d take a look at three hurricanes that were the most costly in terms of damage caused…

3. Hurricane Sandy in 2012

Estimates suggest that $70 billion worth of damage was caused when the storm hit the North East of the US in October 2012. While not the most powerful storm (Category 3), it’s 100mph winds caused wide spread damage.

Interesting Facts about Hurricane Sandy

  • After the storm, there was a unique “baby boom”. Monmouth Medical Center said that the number of births they had nine months after the disaster jumped by 35%.
  • Because of the damage caused, the “Sandy” name was retired and replaced with the name “Sara” for future storms.

2. Hurricane Harvey in 2017

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana in August 2017 causing at least $125 billion worth of damage. The Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 115mph at their peak, created havoc and brought many cities to a stand still.

Interesting Facts about Hurricane Harvey

  • The storm made a total of five different landfalls, which is very unusual for a Hurricane
  • Hurricane Harvey claimed the lives directly of 68 people.

1. Hurricane Katrina in 2005

When you ask people to name a hurricane, Hurricane Katrina will most likely be the name that everyone says. Katrina struck in August of 2005 causing billions of dollars worth of damage to the Southeast USA, as well as Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. The final damage bill came to $160 billion, with many areas not being built, so arguably the damage caused was far higher.

The Category 5 storm claimed the lives of 1,836 people, which made it the deadliest hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane, which claimed the lives of over 4,000 people.

Interesting Facts About Hurricane Katrina…

  • Water reached 12 miles in land in some locations, causing severe flooding to many towns and cities
  • A huge 80% of the city of New Orleans became flooded

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