Top 3 Events That Vloggers Should Visit

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There is no great experience than being a vlogger and sharing your life experiences with thousand or millions of people from all walks of life. However, there are some times you miss deep conversations with like-minded peers or just have a chance to listen to one of your mentors.  The good news is that you can experience all this by attending a Vlogging event. 

You will love the interaction as well as even get the chance to form collaborations and have brand deals with leading companies. All in all, no matter what happens, it will be good to leave your screen for some hours and just have fun.

Here are the three top events and conventions for YouTubers:

1.      Vidcon

Did you know the first Vidcon event was held in 2010 at hotel in Los Angeles called Hyatt Regency Century Plaza? The best part is that the event still remains one of the biggest events in the world. Last year it welcomed over 90,000 visitors from its three locations held in Anaheim, California, London, England, and Melbourne, Australia. While the events offer crazy fun to its visitors, as a vlogger you will have the chance to meet like-minded people, peers, mentors, and even fans. Additionally, there is a chance to collaborate and partner with companies looking to endorse their products.

Interestingly, the conference is broken up into three levels. These include:

         Community Level: This level allows you to see your favorite vloggers as well as YouTubers while still expanding your network of followers and collaborations.

         Creator Level: Another great level, the creator level gives vloggers access to exclusive events such as training and presentations. The main purpose is to help vloggers looking to grow their channels and become businesspeople. Also, you get to meet other people especially within your niche which leads to collaborations or making just new friends.

         Industry Level: Mainly meant for business executives, this level is meant for vloggers who have been in the business for a long time. However, if you do find yourself here, be ready to meet key decision-makers from big brands. Who knows you may learn a thing or two that will open up more doors for your vlogging channel.

2.     Buffer Festival

Founded in 2013 by Corey Vidal, Samantha Fall, and Corrado Coia, Buffer Festival is an international festival held every year in Toronto. The world’s first festival to be dedicated to YouTube content; vloggers are also welcome to learn a thing or two from the YouTube videos that are showcased.  So, if you have been feeling a little burnt out, the festival is a great way to inspire you to come up with new content. Point to note, there have been great creators who have submitted films to Buffer Festivals in the past that are worth mentioning. These include Grace Helbig, Lilly Singh, Rhett, and Link among others. Don’t forget, just like other festivals, you will be treated to a full red carpet show; therefore, you should dress to impress.

3.     Playlist Live Orlando

Have you been yearning to meet your fans in person and interacting with them face to face? Then you are in luck. The Playlist Live in Orlando is a three day event created to help fans meet their favorite vloggers as well as other video creators. Apart from meeting your fans, you will also be able to make new friends as you connect with other creators. Also, you can enjoy amazing exhibits and live performances as you mingle with people from all over the world. Most interestingly, you get to let loose for the weekend and have fun.

Does it not sound fun to enjoy a weekend at one of these events? Therefore, make sure you find when the next events are held and register early.

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