Top 10 DNA Testing Kits in 2021

The concept of DNA is a very interesting one. The idea that we are genetically linked to a group of people in a way that can be proven and analyzed is, outside of the spear of science, practically witchcraft. But thanks to modern science, we are able to gain a better insight into the concept of DNA and home DNA testing kits are now very commonplace. 

This means we can test our DNA against our loved ones, trace back our lineage for hundreds of years and learn more about ourselves and those around us. While the market definitely has many offerings, here are some of the top DNA testing kits for 2021.

1. 23andMe:

If you’ve come across any story about 23 and me, it’s probably one of a person finding a long-lost relative by using the service, but they offer so much more. With their at-home kits, 23andMe allows for the creation of an automatic family tree builder which does allow people to connect with loved ones. There is also a DNA relative finder for the same purpose. In terms of health, up to 60 health reports can be generated using the kits which include pre-disposition reports. This means you can know what genetic illness you are predisposed to having and can greatly help your health.

2. MyHeritage DNA: 

Have you ever wanted to know your genetic makeup? MyHeritage DNA offers this and more in their detailed kit. With a single cheek swab that can be done at home and mailed to the lab, you can get a breakdown of your ethnic makeup from over 42 ethnicities and pinpoints of your origin from over 2000 geographic locations. There is also a database for DNA matching that matches you to relatives all over the world and there’s also the option of family tree generation from one simple test.

3. AncestryDNA: 

Ancestry DNA is one of the biggest home DNA  testing kit companies and for good reason. The Ancestry DNA kit takes 6 to 8 weeks to send back results and includes a breakdown of a person’s ethnicity. It also connects to other people around the globe who might share the same DNA and can be a good way to connect with long-lost relatives. The kit prides itself on being very easy to complete and delivering accurate results.

4. EasyDNA: 

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, EasyDNA might be the option for you. The platform offers testing for paternity, genetic relationships, prenatal testing, ancestry testing, animal testing, and so on. Because there are a number of ways that people would need to have DNA testing done, EasyDNA offers all of these and also offers one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Most people can get the lab results within 3 to 5 working days which is particularly beneficial if the test is needed urgently.

5. DNA37

DNA 37’s kits not only give the traditional breakdown of ancestry and pinpoints your DNA to a specific location but also provide a detailed report about how to maximize your lifestyle habits to fit your DNA. This includes a report of the ways in which your body would metabolize vitamins and minerals and thus, advice on how best to structure your diet. You can also find out what exercise and equipment will work best with your genetic makeup and this means you can tailor your exercise regime to get the best results.

6. DNA at Home: 

While there are many more ways the DNA tests are being used, DNA at home specializes in establishing a parental or familial relationship. Some of the most popular tests are paternity tests for an alleged father and child and also a test for the mother, the alleged father and the child. Other options include aunts and uncle tests, twin tests, grandparent tests, and sibling tests. If this is what you are in the market for, DNA at home is an easy-to-use option.

7. FamilyTreeDNA: 

Many people who seek DNA testing kits often want to know not only their family linage but also about how their family line has migrated over the centuries to where they are now. FamilyTree DNA does this with the option of a family ancestry kit that breaks down ancestry by percentage and also one specifically for the maternal and paternal line. It allows for the viewing of the migration path of male ancestors and female ancestors as well as tracing of surnames. For anyone trying to understand the evolution of their family lineage, FamilyTree DNA is a good choice.

8. AffinityDNA: 

AffinityDNA shows a number of options for DNA testing. There is the option for relationship testing among siblings, uncles, and grandparents and there is also the option of an early baby gender test for expecting parents. Health, fitness and well-being DNA test can be done to determine what illness a person is predisposed to and what lifestyle habits would be best for them. Animal DNA testing is also available for those who want more information on their pets and all these can be done through an easy home kit.

9. AlphaBiolabs: 

In terms of speed, few places offer as much as AlphaBio labs. Its DNA paternity test and kits can offer next-day or same-day results and it is the most popular DNA testing kit in the United Kingdom. The at-home kit is easy to use and can be used to test both the alleged father, mother, and child, and all exclusion results receive double testing to ensure accuracy. AlphaBio Labs very much specializes in establishing parental relationships and doing so with speed.

10. Embark: 

While a majority of DNA testing kits focus on humans, Embark is specifically for your furry companions. Their test kits can be done by swapping the inside of your dog’s cheek and offers results in 2 to 4 weeks. The results track down the dog’s breed from over 350 different categories as well as establish the various traits associated with their genetics. Over 200 health risks can be diagnosed as well as a score on how much inbreeding has taken place in the dog’s genetic line. For pet owners who want to look after their dog’s health, Embarkment will offer all that you need 

At-home DNA testing has expanded over the years and now offers such a wide variety of options and above are some of the top kits to use in 2021. Depending on what your needs are for the test and your timeline, one may be better than the others but all are of high quality.

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