Top 10 Corporate Event Ideas and Group Activities for Adults

Top 10 Corporate Event Ideas and Group Activities for Adults

Are you looking to give your employees a great team-bonding experience? Although team building has a bad reputation based on how media makes it look, it isn’t all that bad. The key is to look for fun and engaging group activities for adults.

Team building is an investment, too—one that is pretty important for the long-term. Studies show that engaged employees reach 6% higher net profit margins. Also, engaged companies result in shareholder returns at least 5 times higher in a span of 5 years.

If you’re looking for awesome corporate event ideas for team building, here’s a list of the most fun group activities you could give your team.

1. Laser Tag

Everyone needs a break from their typical and predictable routine. Any work, no matter how fulfilling, may start to feel repetitive at times. This is why a laser tag tournament between your employees is a great routine-breaker.

An event like this won’t only challenge their logic and strategy but also their teamwork. It’s great fun and a good way to get their adrenaline going. For a more immersive feel, get the teams to dress up for the laser tag event.

2. Escape Rooms

The best way to get your employees to bond is to take them out of the workplace. Escape room games are some of the top trending group activities for adults. They help members exercise leadership skills, teamwork, and logic.

Nothing puts coworkers closer than a locked room, a ton of puzzles to solve, and an hour to “live”. The time limit may stress them out the fun way as well as serve as a motivation to solve the puzzles faster.

If you’re looking for great escape rooms, Breakout Games has the perfect ones for your company. Here are benefits of escape rooms (

3. Jigsaw Puzzle Race

If you’re on a corporate retreat, why not add in an exciting race between teams to solve a jigsaw puzzle first? Solving jigsaw puzzles alone can be relaxing but it could take days. With groups racing to finish first, it becomes an exciting but faster activity.

You can do this stimulating race in the office, too. All you need are several copies of the same jigsaw puzzle and tables with enough space for the puzzles. A 1000-piece puzzle already consumes a lot of time so make sure to assess the challenge the puzzles offer.

4. Cook-Off or Cooking Class

Few people have the skill of creating art through food and taste. Cook-offs provide the chance for your employees to show off their culinary skills and share their food. Creating food with a team takes creativity, cooperation, and action from each member of a team. 

A fun twist is to get all participating teams to make use of a single ingredient or follow a theme. You can also cater to those who are less-skilled with cooking by taking your teams to a cooking class. This way, the workers learn new things alongside their colleagues.

5. Decorating Contests

Hold contests on which department or team can best decorate their area following a motif. It’s a fun way to engage your employees while also beautifying the office. Start by designating an area for each team or department. 

Get a set of judges to assess each department’s work through a set of rubrics. Or, you can also hold voting for your employees to decide and declare winners. Don’t forget to offer worthwhile prizes to the winning team.

6. Corporate Picnics

As far as corporate event ideas go, this one lets your participants bring their families to join in. Talk to your workers about how the food situation will be. You could have each team bring foods for a potluck or hire a catering service.

You should also plan the activities and games for all the guests and employees. Make sure you prepare games that your colleagues’ kids can join in too. Party games for all ages are the best kinds of activities to organize for this event.

7. Trivia

Are you up for a game of Office Trivia? Yes, trivia’s not only a game for the bar. You can also translate it into an office version that everyone will get to enjoy.

Start by collecting fun and non-work-related questions for the game. Divide everyone into teams of four or more. Challenge the teams with random questions you pick out from a hat or a bowl. 

If there’s a deficiency of questions, try looking up questions on trivia sites. Assign points values to how close their answers get and offer prizes to the team who scores the most points.

Trivia is one of the best group activity ideas that are perfect for Friday Fun Day. 

8. Professional Development Workshop

Are you noticing a stagnation of personal progress in the workplace? It may be time to offer your employees the chance to further their career. Set up a professional development workshop that is relevant to your workers.

Broader skills can serve as great workshop topics too. These can be skills in leadership, negotiation, and more. The best corporate outings are those that allow for team bonding and self-improvement.

9. Improv Workshop

It’s time to bring joy if you’re seeing a lot of slumped shoulders in the workplace. A workshop or game of improvisation makes for great distraction and recreation. Who doesn’t want to let go and forget about making calculated moves for once? 

Improv workshops may seem like odd company event ideas but they’re a ton of fun. They help your employees wind down while teaching them useful communication skills. Soft skills like focus and trust are also taught here.

10. Play Sports or Watch Sports Games

If you want awesome group outing ideas, you can never go wrong with sports. While everyone has a preferred sport, there’s always one that everyone could play. Or, you can get your teams to play a sport that nobody is good at to even out the field.

It’s a great weekend event for your employees. Or, if you know they are big fans of a local team, why not head out to see a sports game? It’s a way to turn up their team spirit through competition and camaraderie. 

Try Out the Best Group Activities for Adults!

That’s our list of the top 10 awesome group activities for adults.

A healthy work environment is one that has employees that connect with each other to some level. Of course, not everyone has that ability to build rapport with others the natural way. Help encourage and speed up that process with these fun activities.

Did you like this post on fun corporate event ideas? Feel free to go through our other guides for more content like this.



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