Top 10 Best Starting Hands

Playing a game of poker is fun. You get an opportunity to use strategy, experience, and luck to win the game. The best way to have a great game and win is by having a good starting hand that protects your stack.

In this article, I will be writing about the top ten best starting hands, which can be used to beat your opponents during a game of poker.

It is important to have a good understanding about the best starting hands. With this knowledge, you will know which starting hand to play and when you should fold.

Regardless of the skill and strategy required to play a game of poker, it can be enjoyed by amateurs and professionals.

Here are the top ten best starting hands…

  1. A Pair of Aces – The popular nickname for this starting hand is “The American Airlines,” this is a name well-earned because having an Ace-Ace gives you a big advantage over the other players. On average, the Ace-Ace is a starting hand that happens after 221 hands, and the odds of winning the game are higher when there are few players.
  2. A Pair of Kings – Having a King-King starting hand is a huge advantage over other players. However, be wary of those players who have the Aces!
  3. A Pair of Queens – Having a Queen-Queen starting hand is great
  4. King and Queen suited pair – This is a powerful starting hand that can be used for a royal flush.
  5. A Pair of Ace and King – A suited Ace-King starting hand is sought after by the most experienced poker players. Your opportunities include playing a royal flush, straight, or high pair.
  6. A Pair of Ace and Queen – This is another suited scenario nicknamed Little Slick. And it is a perfect starting hand for a nut flush, straight or high pair.
  7. A Pair of Jacks – This starting hand is fondly called the Hooks. It is a good starting hand but stands no chance against players who have the Aces, Kings or Queens.
  8. Suited Pair of Ace and Jacks – A combination of Ace and Jack can be used to do a nut flush, royal flush, straight or high pair, which are all potentially winning moves.
  9. An Off Suited Pair of Ace and King – This is an excellent starting hand for a straight or high pair, however, you may not be able to do a flush with this combination.
  10. The Pocket Tens – This is a good starting hand combination for experienced poker players, according to ไพ่ แค ง ไทย ออนไลน์. While the tens cannot be used for a royal flush, they give an advantage that is overruled only by a 4-1 edge. It is best to rise and go all in when there is a flop.



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