Today Years Old Media – From Memes to Big Business

A meme is worth a thousand words, and probably even more.

In an age where stories can be conveyed through a funny photo or video, memes have become more important than ever. For brands, this means the ability to spread a message and target consumers in an organic manner. 

Boasting over 10 million followers, Today Years Old Media is working for a similar cause. Founded by young entrepreneur Aidan Schwieger, the company helps brands and clients build online awareness and increase engagements through their own network of meme accounts. 

The company’s most well-known page, Today Years Old, was started while Aidan was still attending school. Although a finance student, Aidan’s entrepreneurial interest drove him to explore other creative outlets. When stumbling across Instagram, he began sharing memes and content that caught users attention. Within weeks, he had built a community that was rapidly growing.

With an exponentially growing audience, Aidan realized it was only appropriate to leverage this traffic and began charging clients for advertising space. Soon enough, big name brands wanted in and with increasing demand for advertising on his channels, Aidan founded Today Years Old Media to also offer creative marketing services to clients. The business now works closely with clients to create sponsored content that tells a story and speaks directly with their audience.  

Using his knowledge of his audience and experience curating content, Aidan says their approach to advertising is what sets them apart, “Instead of making it obvious that something is advertisement, we can drive more impressions and engagements by delivering messages as organically and uniquely as possible.”

As of now, Today Years Old Media is hoping to expand its network to TikTok and Snapchat considering the growing popularity of these platforms. This expansion will allow them to reach an even larger consumer base and continue to expand their network.

Ditch Conventional Marketing 

The company has helped countless brands and startups establish a noticeable online presence. Their services can seamlessly fit in any marketing budget and make your brand shine. 

Looking for the same? You can contact Aidan and his team via Instagram: @TodayYearsOld

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