Tips To Consider When Finding a Cross Country Mover

family packing boxes for moving house

Relocating across the country is not a walk in the park. It can be a stressful process to plan everything successfully. Among the many things you have to worry about is getting the right cross country mover. Your moving company can add or reduce your stress. Therefore, you have to be careful when shortlisting the many available cross country movers. But what do you check, or what are the steps to getting the right mover? Well, find out Top 10 US Cross Country Moving Companies in 2020 and read more how to choose the best cross country moving company.


When looking for a cross country mover, the first thing to consider is experience. Moving is not an easy process, and you need to be sure you have the right experts. Therefore, before settling on a specific company, find out how many years they have been in the moving business. Also, ask how many cross country moving have they completed successfully. This will give you an idea of how experienced they are. Avoid newly established moving companies as they may not have the hands-on experience of how to deal with cross country moving issues.

Do a Shopping Comparison

As you look for a cross country mover, it is essential to do a background check on the many movers available. Look at their websites, read testimonials, read reviews, know where they can move and where they cannot, etc. Also, you should know more about their insurance policy and what different moving companies cover and what they do not. Also, ask around from your friends and family and seek recommendations. With all this information, shortlisting a few moving companies will be easy.

Find Out Services Offered

Cross country moving is not all about moving your goods and property from one country to another. It is so much than this. For example, you need to prepare your items for boxing and box them properly. Also, after getting to your new location, there is unloading and unboxing your items again. Find out what the moving company is offering besides moving. Some companies will provide boxes, help in boxing your property, and manage your inventory. They will as well ensure safe delivery and help you unload and unpack your property. It is helpful to have a list of questions to ask prospective moving companies to know if they suit your needs. Only work with a company that offers more than just hauling your items.

Check Their Quote

Before settling on a specific moving company, it is important to compare quotes from different movers. You will find that no two moving companies will charge the same. Therefore, you have the chance to do a price comparison and find a better deal. However, as you compare quotes, be sure the comparison is fair – that is, the moving companies are offering the same services. Further, do not be deceived by low quotes. Also, the most expensive moving company does not mean you will have the best cross country moving experience. Know where to strike a balance and find a reliable and affordable moving service.

Countrywide Availability

While most cross country movers will claim to offer their services countrywide, not all of them have the right facilities. Look for a company that is well established and with connections nationwide. Most importantly, look for a moving company that guarantees your property’s safety and one with the best customer service.

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