Tips on How to Manage Teams Working Remotely During the Covid-19 Pandemic

remote working

You do not need to shut down your business because of the on-going Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. It is possible to make adequate arrangements for your team to work remotely.

We have realised that the concept of working remotely can be applied to many types of businesses. This is a good thing because more businesses, small and big, can now enjoy the benefits of remote work. By doing so, they can access the benefits of cost-effectiveness, higher productivity, and leveraging smart tools to perform better.

One of the issues many managers encounter is how to manage remote working teams. In this article, we have written some of the best tips to implement an effective remote working system for your team.

Identify Your Goals

It is important to identify goals at all times while working remotely. Your goals will help you to establish a timeline that ensures you complete all tasks before deadlines. Communicating your goals to the team will also help to prevent procrastination that can hinder your progress.

Organise Regular Meetings with the Team

It is important that you organise regular meetings online. Zoom is one of the best apps for remote working teams to communicate effectively online.
Online meetings with your team can help you identify lapses and the need for virtual coaching. Again, team training over zoom will help your team maintain consistency in their productivity level.

Teach Your Team How to Use New Apps

Remote working teams will need to use different apps frequently. Many people in your team may not know much about these apps. Virtual training can be organised regularly for new and old members of your team.

Delegating Tasks Effectively

Your identified goals can be easily achieved when you effectively delegate tasks to every member of your team.

To get it right, you should understand your employees and the different personality types that they possess. You can get more information about their personalities by carrying out a DiSC psychometric assessment, according to It is an evaluation that reveals the individual personalities of each employee that can help them become more productive while working remotely.

DiSC psychometric assessments are fairly reliable and can be done remotely.

Create a Budget

You will need to have a good budget to manage your team when they are working remotely. Expenses such as subscription renewals for essential remote working tools must be sorted promptly to avoid delays in task execution.

Be Accessible

It is essential that you are accessible at all times. Make sure you create online channels for easy and effective communication. Also, you should maintain regular working hours within which your team can be contacted when necessary.

Creating a schedule for daily work will help your team members create a work-life balance, which is still essential even though they are working remotely.

In conclusion, the strength of your company’s online activities is dependent on the teams’ productivity. This is especially crucial in times of financial hardship brought about the coronavirus pandemic. It is, therefore, important to study and understand the personality types of your team members to know who can proficiently handle specific tasks and achieve the best results.

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