Tips on How to Choose a Tattoo Design

How to Choose a Tattoo Design

You have decided to get a tattoo, but you don’t know where to start. Getting inked for the first time can be intimidating. Your tattoos should be chosen carefully because it is a decision that will stick with you for life, according to KQED.

In this post, I will be writing about some helpful tips that can help you choose your tattoo…

What style tattoo do you want? Inspiration can be found anywhere, not just books of tattoo flash. Dramatic photos, creative artwork, and unique shapes are useful tools for generating ideas that are special and one of a kind.

Do you want your tattoo to be visible and exposed? Large tattoos on the shoulders, biceps and forearms are easy to show off. Smaller tattoos on the ribs, ankles or other areas usually covered by normal clothing are easier to keep concealed.

What Excites or Motivates You?

Tattoos can serve a deeper purpose than body art. You may have seen people get phrases, portraits, or even pictures of their pets. This can add an emotional meaning and make your tattoo even more special. However, never get the name of your significant other as a tattoo, as any relationship can change very quickly.

If you’re nervous, make sure you consult with a professional artist who will walk you through the steps of getting a tattoo. Choosing an artist who specializes in the style you are looking for will also make the process easier.

Only Use the Services of Professional Tattoo Artists

It is important to be tattooed by a licensed professional, says Racked. Professional artists care about the cleanliness and safety of your new tattoo. Getting tattooed in a clean environment and setting greatly reduces the chance of infection and will ensure that your tattoo heals healthily and correctly.

Thankfully I have a recommendation, so you do not have to look far. For an amazing tattoo experience, please check out Ocean Blue Tattoo. Ocean Blue Tattoo is run by talented artists. The tattoo parlor located just a few blocks south of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

There you can get all types of high-quality realistic tattoos, watercolor tattoos, portraits, geometric designs, and Japanese tattoos tattooed beautifully on your skin. I highly recommend the shop. Check them out at



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