Tips for Using a Pressure Cleaner To Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Property

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For some, it could be seen that the collected dust and dirt on your driveway, garage floor, or windowpanes are a reflection of you as a homeowner. It implies you sit around idly while your property becomes dull covered in dirt. It is time to take out your power washer and put it to work.

Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

No need to hire expensive cleaning services

Not all of us afford to pay for regular cleaning services such as maids and gardening services. Gold Coast residents take pride in cleaning their own properties. Therefore, pressure cleaning is the perfect solution to keep yourself busy and clean your property. Power cleaning distracts the individual from their busy schedules. Some may even find it soothing. 

You can clean large surface areas in less than half an hour if compared to the traditional cleaning such as mops or cleaning cloths. The car becomes instantly clean in less than ten minutes. Moreover, you can wash the driveway in practically no time using pressure cleaning technology.

Inexpensive alternative

Gold Coast homeowners are constantly using power washers to clean and increase the appeal of their houses. Pressure cleaning is also highly cost-effective. It makes the house look beautiful and inviting with practically no effort. It saves your money from paying for cleaning services so you can go on your dream vacation or purchase the car you have been eyeing for a few years.

Power cleaning is a one-time investment. However, its benefits can be enjoyed for a very long period of time. The pressure cleaning nozzle and pipe will not charge you anything. Moreover, you can even lend them to your neighbors as a means of growing your social circle.

Easy to maneuver

The pressure washer in itself is very lightweight and not a hassle to carry. Compared to other machines and tools that walk on four feels, it is light as a feather. Home owners can be seen dragging their power washers around the neighborhood easily.

Residents can carry the machine to upper story levels of the property to reach spaces and spots not possible from the ground. It can be easily carried to the roof or used to clean spider webs, dirt, and soil.

Motivates you to clean

It’s always better when there is something out there that encourages you to take care of your stuff. No one understands the worth of your possessions like you, one great way to show that? Pressure cleaning. Gold Coast residents are well aware of this fact. You have spent your hard-earned money purchasing and improving your property, such as new floors and a fresh driveway.

Suppose you feel your property might be harmed by cleaning services or not doing an excellent job. In that case, pressure cleaning can help you achieve professional results without needing to pay anyone. You can also carefully rearrange delicate stuff, so it does not break or get lost in the de-clutter.

Cleans fast and quickly

Power cleaning is excellent for cleaning out filthy drains left unattended for well over a year. Gold coast individuals spend an hour or less cleaning these trains. This is not a significant amount of time to clean fast and quick. 

Additionally, pressure cleaning is also perfect for cleaning the garage. We ignore the extensions of our property unless it’s too late. Garages are cleaned once a year during spring cleaning when everything needs to be sorted. The pressure can become overwhelming, but the power cleaning makes the entire process a lot easier.

Pressure cleaning secrets

Which pressure cleaning tip is the best for you?

Power washers come with five power cleaning tips, each with unique advantages:

The red spray tip

The red spray tip creates a zero-degree pattern with its most powerful internal structure. Due to the immense,robust structure, you need to be very careful while handling the tip. The pressure may cause the surface to crack, so avoid spray to object contact. 

The yellow spray tip

The yellow tip produces a spray pattern at 15 degrees. The particular nozzle is perfect for power washing garage floors or removing stains off of harsh surfaces such as concrete.

The green spray tip

The 25-degree spray pattern is called the green spray tip. The tip provides gentle pressure for delicate surfaces that may break or crack easily if washed with intense pressure. The green tip is perfect for cleaning patio furniture, patio decks, and pathways. It is also perfect for washing your car.

The white spray tip

Thisspray is gentle and easy to control with its tip. It is best for cleaning internal surfaces such as soft stucco walls or hardwood floors. You can use the white power cleaning tip for window and siding rinsing as well. The white spray tip releases pressure at 40 degrees.

The black spray tip

Lastly, the black spray tip produces spray at a 65-degree angle. The spray is the most gentle out of all the available tips. It is mainly used to apply detergent and soap water to surfaces before switching the tips for actual cleaning. Essentially, use the black tip to wet the surface.

Chemicals or soaps

You must only use chemicals that are safe for power cleaning. These will come mentioned in the power washer guide, or you can do your research too. Suppose you are unsure where to apply said detergent or soap. In that case, many power washers come with an injection component that provides continuous spray. 

Test before spraying

Before applying the pressure to its intended surface, test by standing a few feet away from the surface but not directly aiming at it. Slowly raise the power washer wand and swing it in windshield wiper motions. Once you have gotten its handle, aim it at the surface or object you want to clean.

Plan before spraying

Do not spray directly at the object. Pressure cleaning involves intense pressure, and you may easily crack or break the objects. You could crack the windows, uproot postage boxes, submerge flowers into the water pool, or fill vents too quickly. Hold the trigger in a downward direction and begin with washing the edges first.

The bottom line

If you have used a power washer before, you would know the instant resurfacing of a clean surface is very satisfying. It provides instant gratification if done right. With some water and a little bit of effort, your property will look exactly like the day you purchased it. 



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